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Kirk Sherrod

Owner, Bike Enthusiast

Just a small town boy, born and raised in Canada.  I took the midnight train going anywhere!

David Chappuis

Owner, Utah Explorer

Born & raised in SLC. Enjoys exploring all that Utah has to offer.


The Mechanic

The “Cool Hand Luke” of Jerks Bike Shop!

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Let’s Make A Difference For Others…Doing What We Already Do

Major Merchants Pay Customers 7-15% Cashback and Fund Charities

Do you shop or book travel online? Most major merchants in the U.S. are port of the world’s largest Cashback e-commerce portal so you can setup for FREE and start getting paid for what you’re already doing, while these charities receive funding!

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Kidsave creates change so forgotten orphanage and foster kids are found  — and connected to families and caring adults. With family support, most of these children can lead happy, productive lives.
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Make A Wish

Wishes make life better for kids with life-threatening medical conditions. Family bonds are strengthened and repaired; medical professionals tell us that they believe wishes can influence a child’s physical health condition.
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Life is For Giving Foundation

Life is For Giving provides ‘moments of joy” (special wishes) to terminally-ill adults, and funding for organizations that contribute to veterans, current military personnel, and their families.
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