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Jerks Corner Week 13


00:00:06 Kirk Sherrod: Hey, welcome to Jerks Corner. I am Kirk and I am here with Dennis Duce and we are ready to do a great, we have a great show planned for you today. I am so excited. I have got some people on here that we’re just excited to have on the show, and I cannot wait to get started. And, that’s, in fact, let’s just get started. You know, I always talk about getting started, but I want to get started. Let’s, oh, here they come. Oh, I love this camera thing. We can just pan over and see everybody. There they are! Look at that.

00:00:32 Lindsey McDonald: Hey!

00:00:34 Kirk Sherrod: I like the peace thing. that was good.

00:00:36 Rylee McDonald: Habit.

00:00:37 Kirk Sherrod: Is it?

00:00:37 Rylee McDonald: Habit.

00:00:38 Kirk Sherrod: Is it kind of a habit?

00:00:38 Rylee McDonald: I’ve always done that, I don’t know why.

00:00:39 Kirk Sherrod: Really?

00:00:40 Rylee McDonald: Yeah.

00:00:40 Kirk Sherrod: That’s kind of your thing. This peace thing?

00:00:42 Rylee McDonald: Well, I wouldn’t even call it my thing. It just, never thought about it. You know.

00:00:47 Kirk Sherrod: It’s your thing now.

00:00:47 Rylee McDonald: It’s not something that I have actually consciously done. Matter of fact, I don’t know,  until you mentioned it, I don’t know that I have ever noticed that I do the peace thing.

00:00:52 Kirk Sherrod: You know what? It’s your thing.

00:00:54 Lindsey McDonald: Nice.

00:00:54 Rylee McDonald: It’s my thing.

00:00:54 Lindsey McDonald: It is.

00:00:55 Kirk Sherrod: Ryley, you have a thing, and it’s this. I like it. I like it.

00:00:57 Rylee McDonald: Nice, I’m up for that. That’s cool.

00:00:59 Kirk Sherrod: You know, kind of like when, you know. You know, the peace out thing. I love it.

00:01:02 Lindsey McDonald: Yeah. Exactly.

00:01:04 Kirk Sherrod: That’s good. Okay, so everybody should think about what your thing is. Rylee’s thing is, you know, do a peace thing. And thinking about things, this is Lindsey McDonald, and when I met Lindsey her name was not McDonald, but she used to show up to everything that we were doing, it didn’t matter  whether it was a closing for mortgages or something, she would show up with a Happy Meal. Every time, a little box, you know, everybody knows what a Happy Meal is. Lindsey would show up with a Happy Meal and now her last name is McDonald, so I just keep calling her Happy Meal, because it is easier that way for me to remember.

00:01:35 Lindsey McDonald: It’s just perfect. Bite size French fry, just, yep, little drink.

00:01:41 Kirk Sherrod: What do you do with all the toys? Do you give them away? Or do you keep those.

00:01:44 Lindsey McDonald: I collect them.

00:01:45 Kirk Sherrod: Do you?

00:01:45 Lindsey McDonald: No! I give them to my niece or nephews. So,

00:01:46 Kirk Sherrod: Well, I didn’t know. Oh, that’s good, that’s good stuff. Alright, today’s show we are so excited to have you guys on the show. Rylee, let’s go right into what you are doing. I want to talk about that kind of stuff. What, what do you got going on in your life man? Give us the peace sign again because I love that. There we go. That’s Rylee’s thing now.

00:02:04 Rylee McDonald: Well, I’m a, I’m a musician. I have been on a few of these Hangout shows with Dennis. I don’t know if any of you guys have seen any other ones that I have been on.

00:02:11 Kirk Sherrod: Absolutely we have!

00:02:13 Rylee McDonald: Yeah, so I play music, __(Couldn’t understand)___ that I do. Play in bands, and play acoustic and play at restaurants and play at weddings, and play wherever I can play.

00:02:23 Lindsey McDonald: Very talented.

00:02:24 Kirk Sherrod: Rylee, I know, I have seen. I think he’s great. I think he’s great. Rylee, how did you get started in doing that? I mean, everybody always asks that, “how did you get started story?”

00:02:31 Rylee McDonald: How did you get started?

00:02:32 Kirk Sherrod: What was the first time  you realized that maybe this is something you wanted to do for a career?

00:02:37 Rylee McDonald: Well, I was thirteen years old, I was a total computer nerd, sitting in my basement room, building computers all day every day, that’s all I wanted to do with my life, and I know I still look like a computer nerd, but my dad, my dad came up to me one day with a pair of tickets to a Rush concert. I didn’t even know who Rush was at the time. And he said, “Hey, we’re going to Rush” and so I said alright, and he took me to  Rush, and I went to that concert at first having no desire really to play music. I walked away from that concert going, I have to  play guitar. I have to take over the world. I have to…You know. That whole, like thirteen year old, gung-ho, suddenly about music mentality, just kind of kicked me into it. So.

00:03:15 Kirk Sherrod: That was it. That was it.

00:03:16 Rylee McDonald: Rush. Yeah, pretty much. I mean, I spent the next year just learning every Rush album, every rush song note for note, learning everything and then I realized there were other bands, and so I started finding Led Zeppelin and the Who and Pink Floyd and U2 and Boston and Journey and then I moved, you know, more modern step by step, and now I am you know, got to a point where I started writing a lot of my own music and that is  mainly what I do now, is I play a lot of my own music and then I mix in a lot of covers and stuff.

00:03:45 Kirk Sherrod: Oh, cool. So you, you became a music connoisseur after going to see Rush.

00:03:50 Rylee McDonald: Yes. Rush is what did it, I would say.

00:03:52 Kirk Sherrod: Now, do you still think that? Is that your, is that your go to band  Rylee?

00:03:55 Rylee McDonald: Rush is my go-to band.

00:03:56 Kirk Sherrod: Is it?

00:03:57 Rylee McDonald: Yeah.

00:03:57 Kirk Sherrod: Yeah, I can appreciate that a little bit. I am from Canada and so I can appreciate Rush. Now, see, I am not a huge Rush fan, and I am going to tell you why. They played it on the radio so much in Canada because it was a Canadian band, and it is like, this is our only group. So. you know.

00:04:13 Dennis Duce: It’s actually a law. Certain percentage of Canadian music must be Canadian bands.

00:04:17 Kirk Sherrod: That’s right. That’s right.

00:04:18 Dennis Duce: And there’s only like five of them.

00:04:20 Kirk Sherrod: That’s right.

00:04:20 Rylee McDonald: So they have to play…

00:04:21 Kirk Sherrod: And between that and Bryan Adams, they just played the crap out of that.

00:04:24 Rylee McDonald: Yep.

00:04:24 Kirk Sherrod: You know. And so, we would listen to Rush all the time, and I do, I really like Rush, but I am not a huge fan because it was just over-played.

00:04:31 Rylee McDonald: Because it was all the time.

00:04:32 Kirk Sherrod: It was all the time. But, hey, what an incredible. Now those guys, musically are probably, if not one of the greats, they are definitely up there in the top ten for music geniuses.

00:04:46 Rylee McDonald: They are incredible.

00:04:47 Kirk Sherrod: I would say. Wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t you agree?

00:04:48 Rylee McDonald: Oh, they are phenomenal. They are my influences. They are every member of that band just blows me away, so I mean, I am always going to say yes to that.

00:04:56 Kirk Sherrod: Right. That’s why I said that because if I want  a yes answer, I usually just go to that.

00:05:01 Rylee McDonald: Yeah, you go to that you know.

00:05:02 Kirk Sherrod: And I got the answer I was looking for.

00:05:03 Rylee McDonald: Exactly.

00:05:04Kirk Sherrod: We’ll go to the no answer later on. That’s really cool, man. I think that is cool that  you had like a specific time that you found, and you can remember that, and say, “Well, this was the changing moment. This is what I swatched…switched…swapped…

00:05:21 Lindsey McDonald: Swapped.

00:05:23 Kirk Sherrod: Swapped over. Whatever you want to call it, you went from one thing to the next. You were like, I am a computer guy, and now I am not a computer guy, I am a musician. That’s pretty awesome. That’s pretty awesome. What about you, Lindsey? You have a…

00:05:35 Lindsey McDonald:  Thank you James by the way. We have got to thank your dad for that.

00:05:37 Rylee McDonald: Yeah, it’s true. It’s his fault.

00:05:39 Kirk Sherrod: It’s his fault and now he’s thinking, Dang, why didn’t I take him to see, like a medical procedure or something? Or why didn’t I take him to the University of Utah and get him in on one of those programs up there?

00:05:50 Lindsey McDonald: Moral of the story. Take your kids to a concert I guess.

00:05:53 Kirk Sherrod: Right.  Moral of the story. take your kids to a concert. What about you, Lindsey. Didn’t you have a group that you’re…

00:05:58 Lindsey McDonald: Well, I you know, I like Journey, um, 80’s. I like all sorts of music. I love his band.

00:06:08 Kirk Sherrod: Of course.

00:06:09 Lindsey McDonald: It’s so fun going and listening, so.

00:06:10 Kirk Sherrod: Yeah. I, you know, that is cool. I mean, this is kind of cool because we have got an 80’s thing going on here. Maybe we’ll have to, maybe we can sing an 80’s song after we’re done.

00:06:18 Lindsey McDonald: Oh yeah.

00:06:18 Kirk Sherrod: Do you guys want to get in and have a little..

00:06:20 Lindsey McDonald: I saw you jamming out earlier to Michael Jackson.

00:06:22 Kirk Sherrod: Yeah. I was. We had a little Michael going on in here before. A little tribute. Uh, that’s great. Hey, we want to now, Rylee, we are going to have you , we’re going to have you do a little music for us. Can we get you to…

00:06:34 Rylee McDonald: Sounds good to me.

00:06:35 Kirk Sherrod: Can we get you to do that?

00:06:36 Rylee McDonald: Always.

00:06:37 Kirk Sherrod: Maybe a couple pieces even?

00:06:39 Rylee McDonald: Yeah, yeah. The technicality of is it has to be my own music seeing as we are on live Google, can’t get hit with copyright issues.

00:06:47 Kirk Sherrod: I am totally fine with that.

00:06:48 Rylee McDonald: But uh, yeah, I can play some of my own tunes.

00:06:50 Kirk Sherrod: Okay. What, maybe you could play a couple for us. We’ll play one for us, and maybe give us a little shot for that and then near the end I’ll have you do another one.

00:07:00 Rylee McDonald: Sounds good. I can do that.

00:07:02 Kirk Sherrod: Okay, we’re ready.

00:07:02 Rylee McDonald: Now, if I am going to play right here, Lindsey, I am sorry, but I might have to ask  you to move.

00:07:07 Lindsey McDonald: Okay. Perfect.

00:07:09 Kirk Sherrod: We’re gonna swap around here. We’re gonna move. We’re gonna do that swapping, switching, thing that we’re doing. Everybody’s going to move for a minute. So while he is getting ready, he is going to bring his guitar up here, we, of course we have got Adrian in the shop. He has got some really cool stuff for us today. We can’t wait to see what Adrian’s got for us. He is in there somewhere. Is he in there? Nope, I don’t see him. He’ll be there, though. He’s always there, so, we’re not worried about it!

00:07:34 Dennis Duce: There’s the man!

00:07:35 Kirk Sherrod: Now, what kind of guitar is this? What have we got?

00:07:37 Rylee McDonald: This is Breed Love.

00:07:38 Kirk Sherrod: A Breed Love?

00:07:39 Rylee McDonald: Breed Love. They are…

00:07:41 Kirk Sherrod: Is this from the Seventies? Because that’s kind of what they used to do a lot back then, was breed love!

00:07:44 Rylee McDonald: No, but they are owned by a company called Two Old Hippies.

00:07:47 Kirk Sherrod: Two Old Hippies?

00:07:48 Rylee McDonald: Yes. Breed Love is a company out of Oregon, out of Bend, Oregon. They craft all their guitars there, and uh, they’re awesome guys. They are actually, I am an endorsing artist of Breed Love and so I always have to give them a little bit of love on camera and so.

00:08:00 Kirk Sherrod: Give them some breed love. We’re gonna breed a little love here. Two Old Hippies is the name of the guys.

00:08:07 Rylee McDonald: It’s the name of the ownership. The company that owns Breed Love.

00:08:11 Kirk Sherrod: Oh, that’s great.

00:08:12 Rylee McDonald: They are awesome. They are great. I have spent some time up in Bend, gone to their factory, done tours of it, they have just been awesome to work with. So, yeah, they are a fantastic company. Always love a company that builds their guitars by hand.

00:08:23 Kirk Sherrod: That’s good. Sounds beautiful. I mean, I hope we can get some of that sound to come across here, but it sounds beautiful. Okay, so, tell me, tell me a little bit about this song that you are going to play for us.

00:08:33 Rylee McDonald: Well, I haven’t actually decided what I am going to play yet, so let me think here. Um. You know, I, there’s like, I write so much music, and I have been writing music since I was like fifteen years old, you know, a song or two a month for the last, what is that, seven years now. And so, I mean I have a lot of music that I have written, but there is just this, this like handful of songs that I really like to use to show people what I do because I feel like they are the songs that really catch my style.

00:08:59 Kirk Sherrod: Okay.

00:08:59 Rylee McDonald: So, I am going to play a tune that I actually already played this song on the Hangout a couple weeks ago. Um, but this is a song that I wrote in Goblin Valley. I don’t know if you have been there before, but…

00:09:08 Kirk Sherrod: Oh, absolutely.

00:09:09 Rylee McDonald: But, I was hanging out down there with the guitar, a few years back and uh, this song just kind of came to me.

00:09:15 Kirk Sherrod: Okay. Go ahead.

00:09:16 Rylee McDonald: It is called the Man in Black.

00:09:18 Kirk Sherrod: Okay, the Man in Black.

Singing by Rylee McDonald, The Man in Black.

00:11:39 Kirk Sherrod: Awesome!

00:11:40 Rylee McDonald: Thank you.

00:11:41 Kirk Sherrod: I mean, What? That just happened! Wow! That was great. Hey, you know, we had this, we did not have a huge audience in here, but I mean, you could just tell everybody is super excited about that. Everybody’s going nuts.

00:11:52 Lindsey McDonald: Oh yeah.

00:11:53 Kirk Sherrod: Dude, that was really good.

00:11:54 Rylee McDonald: Thank you.

00:11:55 Kirk Sherrod: That was really, really good.

00:11:56 Rylee McDonald: I am going to let Lindsey come sit back down.

00:11:57 Kirk Sherrod: Okay. That’d be good. (Bell ringing) Oh, we have got somebody calling in here. Hey, this is Jerks Corner! This is Kirk. How can I help you with?

00:12:10 Dennis Duce: Joe Rice says, “Awesome. Love all the rhythm.”

00:12:15 Kirk Sherrod: Oh man, this guy’s got, there is rhythm just oozing. We got it all over the floor in here. There’s just rhythm everywhere in here right now. I don’t know what happened, but that just happened. That was awesome, dude!

00:12:27 Lindsey McDonald: That was awesome.

00:12:27 Rylee McDonald: Thanks! Thank you!

00:12:28  Kirk Sherrod: Thank you for that. That was a musical gem. That was wonderful. Uh, well, we could just end the show right there! I think that was a show stopper right there!

00:12:35 Dennis Duce: We could! But we’re here to  tell a story.

00:12:39 Kirk Sherrod: Yeah we are. Yeah, we want to tell a story. We want to tell a story about a man and a guitar. Rylee McDonald. And we want to talk about…I was going somewhere with that and then I just uh…

00:12:51 Rylee McDonald: Continue. It’s epic!

00:12:52 Lindsey McDonald: I know! I love it! I love it!

00:12:54 Kirk Sherrod: A man and a guitar.

00:12:55 Lindsey McDonald: You’ve got me on the edge of the seat over here.

00:12:57 Kirk Sherrod: Yeah, right. You can buy tickets for the seat! But you’ll only need the edge! Sounds like Monster Trucks, Trucks, Trucks…Okay. Anyway! So, Rylee is going to, I used to watch the, anyway. You know how that is. You listen to those announcers for that thing, they have got all that echo on their microphone.  Everybody knows that. Okay, So, Rylee, that was awesome. So, what’s happening is, now what day is it, is it Wednesday?

00:13:23 Dennis Duce: Tomorrow night.

00:13:23 Kirk Sherrod: I know, but is it going to be Tuesdays always?

00:13:25 Dennis Duce: It’ll be Tuesday nights.

00:13:26 Kirk Sherrod: Okay,  it is going to be Tuesday nights and the name of the show is Bandwidth. Great name. I wonder who came up with that. Rylee, now you are going to be on Bandwidth.

00:13:36 Rylee McDonald: Yes.

00:13:37 Kirk Sherrod: It’s on Tuesday and what is the place you are going to be playing at?

00:13:40 Rylee McDonald: That would be Lumpy’s South.

00:13:42 Kirk Sherrod: Lumpy’s South.

00:13:43 Rylee McDonald: Just on 9000 South and I-15 really. It is just on, it is right on the East side of the freeway.

00:13:49 Kirk Sherrod: Yeah, I don’t live far from there. It is just right as you are getting ready to get on the freeway, right there. A really nice, big parking lot, lots of room for everybody to go.

00:13:55 Rylee McDonald: Yep.

00:13:56 Kirk Sherrod: Exciting. I can’t wait to be there. I will be there, by the way.

00:13:59 Rylee McDonald: Sweet! Awesome!

00:13:59 Kirk Sherrod: With Bells on!

00:14:00 Lindsey McDonald: Me too!

00:14:01 Rylee McDonald: Really?

00:14:01 Lindsey McDonald: Oh yeah.

00:14:01 Kirk Sherrod: You’re gonna be there?

00:14:02 Lindsey McDonald: Oh  yeah.

00:14:03 Kirk Sherrod: Okay, everybody’s gonna be there.

00:14:03 Rylee McDonald: That will be fun!

00:14:04 Kirk Sherrod: Anybody who is anybody is going to be there.

00:14:06 Lindsey McDonald: Oh yeah.

00:14:07 Dennis Duce: So, how did this all happen?

00:14:08 Kirk Sherrod: Well, I uh, you know. It just happened. That is the beauty of this kind of stuff. When it happens, it just happens! Uh, the whole idea was that uh, Dennis said, Hey, let’s have a show…

00:14:20 Dennis Duce: Oh, it goes way back before that!

00:14:22 Kirk Sherrod: Yeah, it goes, it does. Okay. Uh…I’m like, okay, where is this going?

00:14:27 Dennis Duce: So that’s why we got everybody here. I want to tell the entire…

00:14:32 Kirk Sherrod: Nobody told me!

00:14:34 Dennis Duce: Yeah I did! We talked about this!

00:14:35 Kirk Sherrod: Oh, okay. Alright, okay. So, here’s the whole story, started out with well, it started out with Lindsey, I guess. Okay, so let’s go back to the, I mean we gotta go back to that. We gotta go back ten years!

00:14:47 Dennis Duce: Too much!

00:14:48 Kirk Sherrod: Okay, so…

00:14:49 Dennis Duce: Actually, I mean if we are really going to go back to the beginning, we have got to go back to you know, April of 2007.

00:14:56 Kirk Sherrod: April of 2007 and what happened?

00:15:00 Dennis Duce: No, I mean, April of 1987.

00:15:02 Kirk Sherrod: ’87!

00:15:03 Dennis Duce: Yeah!

00:15:04 Kirk Sherrod: Okay, we’re going back that far.

00:15:05 Lindsey McDonald: Whoa.

00:15:05 Dennis Duce: We don’t have to.

00:15:07 Kirk Sherrod: Whoa.

00:15:08 Rylee McDonald: Before I was born!

00:15:09 Lindsey McDonald: Wow!

00:15:10 Dennis Duce: That’s when Kirk and I met.

00:15:12 Kirk Sherrod: Okay, so, I see.

00:15:13 Lindsey McDonald: Yeah, let’s hear that story!

00:15:15 Kirk Sherrod: Well, Dennis moved to Vancouver where I lived and we, we became friends back in 1987. So, that,  yeah, if we want to go back that far!  That’s where this all started.

00:15:24 Lindsey McDonald: That’s awesome!

00:15:26 Kirk Sherrod: And then, you know, all kinds of life things have happened since then. And then we ran back into each other, um, and you said the date, but I don’t remember what year it was.

00:15:38  Dennis Duce: That was…

00:15:40 Kirk Sherrod: Had to be five or six years ago.

00:15:42 Dennis Duce: Yeah, that would have been about January of 2007.

00:15:49 Kirk Sherrod: Yeah. I remember it was in the summer, wasn’t it? Wasn’t that in the summer?

00:15:53 Rylee McDonald: It was a very warm January.

00:15:54 Dennis Duce: It was…

00:15:55 Kirk Sherrod: It was a warm January. It was a warm January (in accent). Everyone was rowing in the …. and, no, it wasn’t that.

00:16:02 Dennis Duce: It couldn’t have been summer because we were picking up our kids from school.

00:16:06 Kirk Sherrod: That’s true.

00:16:07 Dennis Duce: So, how can it be summer?

00:16:08 Kirk Sherrod: No, it was…It had to be in the winter…

00:16:10 Rylee McDonald: Or spring.

00:16:11 Kirk Sherrod: Anyway, we ran back into each other here in Utah, of course, you know there is a big change from Vancouver to Utah, and we were both living here, and we ran back into each other and then Dennis was doing, you were doing all kinds of stuff back then. Roofing company and all kinds of things back then. And I was doing different things, and then we, we have just been keeping in touch since then, and then Lindsey, I have known Lindsey for almost ten years now, and uh, we got involved with the Mortgage business back in the day, which Lindsey is still in the mortgage business.

00:16:41 Lindsey McDonald: I am.

00:16:42 Kirk Sherrod: Now, are you working for somebody? Who are you working for these days?

00:16:45 Lindsey McDonald: I work for Castle and Cook Mortgage.

00:16:47 Kirk Sherrod: Okay. So, Lindsey’s working for Castle and Cook Mortgage and everybody get Castle and Cook Mortgage. I just want to make sure that we didn’t miss that sound byte there. So, uh, Castle and Cook Mortgage and you love just, love doing mortgages.

00:17:01 Lindsey McDonald: I do. I love it. I tried getting out of the business for about six months, actually went up to Canada…

00:17:07 Kirk Sherrod: You did?

00:17:08 Lindsey McDonald: Yeah.

00:17:08 Kirk Sherrod: What?

00:17:08 Dennis Duce: That’s what you get for loving mortgages.

00:17:09 Lindsey McDonald: I  know. I know! I am stuck. And I just got out and I crawled back in, just, I do, I love it!

00:17:18 Kirk Sherrod: You know, I used to be in the mortgage business. We were talking about this. I am like, you know what, Lindsey, I got two pills. I have got a red pill and a blue pill. Do you want to just be doing the same thing you are doing, or do you want to take this other pill and completely change your life? But, mortgages is your life.

00:17:33 Lindsey McDonald: It is, it is right now.

00:17:35 Kirk Sherrod: And what do you do for fun? Not for work, but what do you do for fun?

00:17:38 Lindsey McDonald: Ride bikes now!

00:17:40 Kirk Sherrod: We know that’s not true!

00:17:42 Lindsey McDonald: Well, I am gonna, this summer, I’m gonna get into it.

00:17:45 Kirk Sherrod: You’re gonna buy a bike.

00:17:46 Lindsey McDonald: Yep, I am.

00:17:47 Kirk Sherrod: Yep, we’ve talked about that.

00:17:48 Lindsey McDonald: For sure. So, let’s go pick it out after.

00:17:49 Kirk Sherrod: I am going to hold you to this. Okay. I’m gonna hold you to this. Because you have been talking about that for a while…

00:17:53 Lindsey McDonald: Way too long.

00:17:54 Kirk Sherrod: And I know you need to get, you wanna do that.

00:17:56 Lindsey McDonald: Yep, this is the year! No, I’m excited because Brooklyn, she bikes, and…

00:18:01 Kirk Sherrod:  You know, Lindsey used to show up to everything we would do, every time she would show up, she would have a Happy Meal with her and it was just the funniest thing. She would show up with this little box, and…

00:18:11 Lindsey McDonald: I’ll never for the looks.

00:18:11 Kirk Sherrod: Now I can’t even call her Lindsey anymore, I have to call her Happy Meal. I have a hard time trying to stop that.

00:18:15 Lindsey McDonald: I got so much crap the first time he saw that. He said, “Is that your Happy Meal? You’ve gotta be kidding me!”

00:18:22 Kirk Sherrod: And she got her little fries and ate, you know, little tiny stuff. Because it is all little stuff, you now. It is little kid stuff. And you still do that, don’t you?

00:18:29 Lindsey McDonald: I do.

00:18:29 Kirk Sherrod: Yep.

00:18:30 Lindsey McDonald: I do. Yep.

00:18:30 Kirk Sherrod: Oh, we’ve got a call coming in. I can hear it. The phone has ringed, rung, runged, rangededed. Yes, this is Jerks Corner, what can I do for you?

00:18:39 Dennis Duce: Christian Drysdale says, “Utah? You guys should totally hook up with Tammy Buhler and Scott Buhler.”

00:18:48 Kirk Sherrod: Uh, hook up..Uh, we should hang out? Or, I don’t understand the question.

00:18:52 Dennis Duce: It’s a statement.

00:18:53 Kirk Sherrod: Oh, yes, we should! Why don’t you uh, why don’t you send us their information. We don’t know who they are, but…

00:18:58 Dennis Duce: She pinged us with them.

00:19:00 Kirk Sherrod: Oh.

00:19:01 Dennis Duce: Plus Master mind in training, plusmastermind.com in Cedar City.

00:19:07 Kirk Sherrod: Oh. We’re gonna have to get to know them.

00:19:08 Dennis Duce: Oh, and Scott. Oh, I have Scott circled. I have already engaged with him.

00:19:14 Kirk Sherrod: Alright, we’ll have to get to know these guys.

00:19:15 Kirk Sherrod: Yeah. Well, thanks for that. Thanks for chiming in. Letting us know that they are here in Utah.  We did not know that. Thank you! Okay, so, we are going to run over to Adrian in the shop over there, because Adrian has got some really cool stuff and we don’t want to miss out on that. Adrian, are you ready yet, over there? You got everything…Almost. He is almost ready. He is there. Okay, we are going to shoot over to Adrian. Adrian what do you got for us, buddy?

00:19:39 Adrian: Alright, (Voice dropped out. annot hear him, his mic is not working)

00:22:38 Adrian: And then last but not least, after that is all in position, now you can tighten it to about five newton meters if you have a carbon tube. Um, five newton meters should be about all you need. You don’t want to over-tighten and you know, crush a carbon tube. But anyway, now that that is all adjusted, below limit, this has already been adjusted. Let’s talk about that. We just want to make sure that this chain is not going to be rubbing against the inner part of the cage, so we just gotta spin it and make sure that it is far enough away to where you don’t get chain rub, but not too far out because then what will happen is when you shift from the big chain ring to the little chain ring, it will drop your chain this way. So, that is already done. We don’t need to mess with the low limit anymore. So, let’s clamp our cable, and then another thing would be to make sure the barrel adjuster is in so you can adjust it out, because typically, getting the cable tension on a road front derailer, it usually requires quite a bit of tension. Like usually you can pull it tight, but that will not get it there, won’t get it quite there. Okay, so there’s that. Now, what I am going to do is I am going to try shifting up, so give it a good spin, and it is going. Now, see this play right here? So, now that it is in the big chain ring, I am going to drop down gears all the way down here because I don’t want to be cross chained. So, see right there, I am getting a lot of sloppy cage rub, some cage rattle right there. So, if I try to over-shift it, see right there, if I am holding it, it is pushing the cage out more, and it looks like my high limit is already adjusted where it needs to be. So, your high limit you want to kind of adjust it to where when you are in your last cog here, you can shift down and try to over-shift, and try to get the chain to fall off this way, and so you are just looking for that, that happy medium between being able to shift up in here, but not throw the chain, and not get cage rattle. Because you don’t want to get cage rattle when you are in your big chain ring here and your small cog on the cassette, and you don’t want to get chain rub on the opposite scale, which would be your small chain ring, and your big cog on the cassette. So, in this case, let’s drop it back down and give it some cable tension. Now, I am just going to use the barrel adjuster to take up this little bit of slack right here. And there you have an adjusted front derailer. And, we no longer need to mess with the limits first, which is pretty common when people are trying to get their bike to shift better, and they don’t know much about bikes. That’s commonly the first thing people do. So, again, don’t mess with your limit screws. Usually they are in the right place. So, hopefully, that will help out most people. A triple is a little bit more difficult, but still the same concept. You are still trying to find that correct cable tension, and essentially everything is the same, other than  you have another gear in the middle and between these two. So, yep, that’s all I’ve got for you today.

00:28:03 Kirk Sherrod: Thanks again, man. Okay. We’re back in the shop here. We’re back in the corner. Not yet. We’re close. We’re almost back in the corner. There we are. Everybody can see us. Everybody see us? Okay. Um, so, we wanted to do another song. Well, not we. I am not going to do anything. Rylee is going to do another song for us and uh, this is a great song because Rylee was saying that this is, now your uncle and your aunt wrote this song?

00:28:44 Rylee McDonald: No, actually, this is the other one.

00:28:44 Kirk Sherrod: Oh, this is the other one.

00:28:45 Rylee McDonald: This is the other one. This one is one that I wrote, and my band, when we were recording our album, we had, it is a ten song album and we had nine songs. Got to the end of recording, we had nine songs of just like hard rock, you know. Hard hitting electric stuff, full band, loudness, but we decided we wanted the last song of the album to be more like low key, relaxing, you know, just easy listening to kind of calm you down after all the craziness, and so we wrote this song called The Prince of White, that is about, there is my drummer and I wrote the words about, there always seems to be these several weeks of the year where winter and spring are kind of battling back and forth between each other, trying to you know, trying to gain ground over each other, so that is what it is about. Is it is personifies each of those seasons and has them battling back and forth.

00:29:36  Kirk Sherrod: Now, what was the song you played for us at the beginning?

00:29:38 Rylee McDonald: That was The Man in Black.

00:29:39 Kirk Sherrod: The Man in Black, and now this is the…

00:29:41 Rylee McDonald: The Prince of White.

00:29:42 Kirk Sherrod: The Prince of White. The Man in Black, The Prince of White. This is the, what a perfect song choice to end this out in, right? Okay. Take it away, man. Let’s listen to this thing. I am ready.

00:29:52 Rylee McDonald: Sorry to kick you out again, Lindsey.

00:29:53 Lindsey McDonald: No problem.

00:29:58 Kirk Sherrod: We’re going to uh, we are going to listen this up. This is such great, I am so excited because this is uh, this is a little bit toned down from what you were doing before. I’m excited for this.

00:30:14 Rylee McDonald: Gotta make sure I am in tune first.

00:30:16 Kirk Sherrod: You know, isn’t that something? Everybody should check yourself, make sure we’re in tune, you know? Isn’t that what we all should do, somewhere along the lines, is you know, whether it be music, or whatever you are doing, riding your bike or whatever, you know, check yourself, make sure you are in tune. You don’t want to go cruising around being out of tune. You know, don’t be, don’t be out of tune. That never sounds good for anybody.

00:30:38 Rylee McDonald: No matter what you are doing.

00:30:38 Kirk Sherrod: No  matter what you’re doing, you should be in tune. Tune check. That’s what I am going to call it. See, Lindsey said Tune Check. Everybody should have a tune check. Are you in tune?

00:30:55 Rylee McDonald: I am as in tune as I am going to be.

00:30:57 Kirk Sherrod: It sounds like you are in tune.

00:30:58 Rylee McDonald: Sweet.

00:30:59 Kirk Sherrod: Alright. I am ready to listen. Take us out, take us out.

00:31:02 Rylee McDonald: Let’s do this.

Singing by Rylee  McDonald- The Prince of White

00:35:06 Kirk Sherrod: Oh wow. Woo! That was great! That was great.

00:35:12 Rylee McDonald: Yes?

00:35:13 Kirk Sherrod: Yes. That was awesome. Man, what a great song. You know, it is amazing how, music can make you feel certain ways. You know, that’s the beauty of it, right? You can feel one way with one song, and another way with another song, and that’s really cool. Um, You know, as we’re kind of rounding out the, rounding out the show here, thank you so much for coming on the show.

00:35:34 Rylee McDonald: Of course.

00:35:34 Kirk Sherrod: I really appreciate it. Lindsey. Thanks for coming on the…Lindsey is sitting down here on the stairs.

00:35:38 Rylee McDonald: Why doesn’t Lindsey come back here first.

00:35:39 Kirk Sherrod: Lindsey, come sit back up here by us again so we can see you, but…

00:35:43 Lindsey McDonald: Alright.

00:35:44 Kirk Sherrod: Thanks for coming on the show. We really appreciate it. And, uh, you know, as we are kind of rounding out the show, and we’re thinking about music, we have got the two different kinds of songs. You know, we were talking about staying in tune, you know, staying in tune, you know, whatever that means, whatever that means for you, try and stay in tune, and carry out the rest of your day. We do have one thing I wanted to mention. We have got you know, a lot of times with cycling the hardest part for you to do is not so much the riding part of the, isn’t so much the tuning your bike, or making sure that is ready, it is making sure you are in tune with your nutrition. And, so, that is a huge part of it. That is, I’d say that is almost 90% of cycling, is making sure you are eating the right food. Um, I had somebody come to me the other day and say, “I want to lose all this weight. I want to start cycling.” And I told them, I said the first thing you need to do is figure out how you are eating. Because if you don’t do that, what will happen is you will start cycling and then your body will start to, your metabolism will start to really go, and it will start to kick it into high gear, and whatever you are eating, is, you are going to want to eat more of that. And so, really, you need to check and see what you are eating before you get involved with that, and I am not saying don’t exercise. But,  if you are trying to lose weight, or you are trying to get in really great shape, make sure you check what you are eating first, and that is what brings me to this. This is Skratch Lab’s new book. It is their feed portables. So, this is the food you can take with you. You don’t have to buy something from the store, you don’t have to go buy fast food, you can take fast food with you, and that is what I really like about this food portables, is you can take this with you, and you can make it yourself. You can make it right in your own kitchen, and it has got all kinds of cool colored, colorful pictures in here, and all kinds of really cool stuff, and we are going to give one of these away in the show. I said that last time. But, we are going to give it away. I have got a contest coming up. We are going to give this away, and it is about $25.00 for this book. So, really cool book.  You can take your food with you. So, just uh, check these guys out. Skratch Labs. It is a really great place. Um, they’ve got a website as well. Anyway, that is all for our show. Thank you so much Lindsey for coming on. So good to see you again.

00:37:56 Lindsey McDonald: Hey, good to see you!

00:37:56 Kirk Sherrod: Rylee, I’ll be seeing more of you, and thanks for that musical genius. That was,

00:38:00 Rylee McDonald: Good times.

00:38:01 Kirk Sherrod: That made my day. That’s gonna make the rest of my day be in tune. I appreciate it.

00:38:04 Rylee McDonald: I am glad to hear that.

00:38:05 Kirk Sherrod: Thank you very much.

00:38:05 Lindsey McDonald: For sure. Thank you too.

00:38:06 Kirk Sherrod: Alright, let’s take it out. Thanks for coming to Jerks Corner.


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