Jerks Bike Shop HOA E10

Jerks Corner Week 10

00:00:00 Kirk Sherrod: Welcome to another version of Jerks Corner.

00:00:03 Dennis Duce: You’re never live until I do the clapping, Dude.

00:00:05 Kirk Sherrod: Oh! Welcome to Jerks Corner! You know, I don’t even know how this works. How many shows have we done now? I am still not sure how this works.

00:00:15 Dennis Duce: Uh, we’re at like fourteen, something like that, twelve, I don’t  know.

00:00:17 Kirk Sherrod: Fourteen shows, and I still don’t know what I’m doing. That’s alright. We got our phone, we’re ready for calls coming in. How is everybody doing out there? I hope everybody’s having a good day. I know everybody on the East Coast is freezing to death. I have talked to a few people over there and they said that it is just miserable. Sorry about that. It is about 60* here today, and nice outside. So, and clapping….I never get enough of that. I really enjoy that clapping thing. I feel like there is a huge audience here when you do that. I really appreciate it! Thank you, thank you very much. Thank you so much! And thank you for a little bit of laughter. You know, today is going to be a great show. I have a longtime friend of mine coming on the show. I cannot wait to have him be here and well, why don’t we just do that? Longtime friend, Cory Mortenson on our show. Cory! Thanks for coming on our show.

00:01:13 Cory Mortenson: Hi. What’s up?

00:01:19 Kirk Sherrod: In case you didn’t notice, Cory is just a little bit funny. That’s just Cory. Hey Cory, what are you doing today?

00:01:27 Cory Mortenson: Man, this internet thing is intense. I cannot handle the intensity of this! Woo!

00:01:39 Kirk Sherrod: Hey, so, uh, tell us a little bit about what you are doing these days. I haven’t seen you for a while, so what do you got goin’ on?

00:01:45 Cory Mortenson: You know, I gotta tell you. So um, I am working for the University of Utah.

00:01:49 Kirk Sherrod: Are ya?

00:01:50 Cory Mortenson: Yeah, and uh, great gig. Holy Crap! I work for athletics, do video stuff, and do a bunch of stuff on the side, photography, and stuff, and I stopped riding my bike, and as you can see, I have gained, look how much weight I have gained. Can you see that? Look  how  unsightly that is! So, uh, so actually, I am actually here thinking about getting a bike, maybe for me and my lady.

00:02:15 Kirk Sherrod: Oh really?

00:02:16 Cory Mortenson: Oh yeah.

00:02:16 Kirk Sherrod: Okay.

00:02:18 Cory Mortenson: But, I’ve got to tell ya. You  have really come a long way.

00:02:22 Kirk Sherrod: Oh thanks!

00:02:22 Cory Mortenson: From, you know, riding a tricycle when you were a kid…

00:02:26 Kirk Sherrod: Oh, I thought you were talking about last year because I was just riding one last year.

00:02:29 Cory Mortenson: You were,  really?

00:02:30 Kirk Sherrod: Yeah. I have moved up from then.

00:02:32 Cory Mortenson: Wow. That’s pretty interesting. No, uh, your artistry in this shop is unparalleled. I love when you walk in, it’s like, “We do bikes! Woohoo!” You know what I am saying. You don’t walk in and say, “Am I in Walmart?”

00:02:49 Kirk Sherrod: Thanks man!

00:02:50 Cory Mortenson: It’s awesome. The bikes and stuff, and you really turned me on to some new, I mean,  there are a lot of new bikes out.

00:02:56 Kirk Sherrod: There’s a lot of really new technology.  You know, bikes, they are always innovating. There’s always something new coming on and they are the same too, at the same time. You know. They are still a bicycle. They still have two wheels, they are still cool, but there is so much new cool stuff out there.

00:03:10 Cory Mortenson: You know, I’ve got to tell you. Speaking of innovation. Remember the bio paste?


00:03:16 Cory Mortenson: Is someone at the door?

00:03:18 Kirk Sherrod: Uh, no, that’s our phone. Somebody is calling in, somebody is chiming in about something and they want to talk to us. Okay, go ahead. This is Jerks.

00:03:25 Dennis Duce: Yeah, Phillip McAdams says, “What’s on your hat today? I have to say, love the shades.” Which shades are you loving there, Phillip?

00:03:33 Kirk Sherrod: Yeah, we’ve got to know which ones. Hey, thanks Phillip. Thanks for chiming in. Uh, on my hat today, let’s see what’s on my hat today. Oh I don’t know. Should I even mention that? It says SRRM on my hat. SRRM is uh, a company that we use quite a bit. They have a lot of components, some wheels to cranks, to cassettes, chains, they are very up and coming. They have been around for a while now and they are giving Shimano a run for their money. Shimano…

00:04:00 Cory Mortenson: Finally!

00:04:02 Kirk Sherrod: Finally! And you know…

00:04:03 Dennis Duce: And here I thought Bio Paste was going to pull that off!

00:04:07 Cory Mortenson: Good one!

00:04:09 Kirk Sherrod: So, if you, hopefully that answered your question. Thanks for chiming in. I think I have ruined  knees from my old bio paste.

00:04:18 Cory Mortenson: Oh my gosh. I got to tell you. I thought the guy, when he sold me on the bio paste, I’m thinking, Son of a crappin’ fudge. This is gonna rock! And three weeks later, my knees were rocks! Hey, there’s something to me on my phone! Op! Anyway! Uh, yeah, so I am so glad that gimmicks like that are a thing of the past?

00:04:39 Kirk Sherrod: Yeah.

00:04:39 Cory Mortenson: Or do we still have gimmicks?

00:04:41 Kirk Sherrod: You know, less and less gimmicks. More true innovation. You know, they have got, Sram just came out with the XX1 and the XO1, that’s one speed up front and a eleven speeds in the back, and that is an incredible new product!

00:04:54 Cory Mortenson: So that would be the Mullet. The mullet of bicycles. Party in the front, business in the back.

00:05:00 Kirk Sherrod:  Business in the back.

00:05:01 Cory Mortenson: Or the other way around.

00:05:01 Kirk Sherrod: Or the other way around. What do they call it when it is the other way around when you’ve got business in the back and party in the front?

00:05:08 Dennis Duce: I know girls do that, though. Right? They do that whole thing where they, I don’t remember what it is called, but it is like all cut short back here, and then…

00:05:15 Kirk Sherrod: Longer on the sides.

00:05:16 Dennis Duce: Longer through the sides. Right?

00:05:16 Kirk Sherrod: Yeah, Miley Cyrus does that.

00:05:18 Cory Mortenson: Remember the cockatiel look? The ….(weird noise)…In West Valley. Am I peaking your mic?

00:05:26 Kirk Sherrod: Um, that’s called BTS.

00:05:28 Cory Mortenson: A BTS?

00:05:29 Kirk Sherrod: Yeah, if the girl has BTS it is bangs to the sky. She has got a lot of hairspray in the bangs, you know, way up here, isn’t that?

00:05:38 Cory Mortenson: Or BTO.

00:05:39 Kirk Sherrod: BTO?

00:05:40 Cory Mortenson: Bachman Turner Overdrive.

00:05:41 Kirk Sherrod: Oh, right. Bachman Turner Overdrive. We could talk about that. We know those guys.

00:05:45 Cory Mortenson: You do?

00:05:46 Kirk Sherrod: Yeah.

00:05:46 Cory Mortenson: How cool is that?

00:05:47 Dennis Duce: Kirk and I grew up in the same neighborhood.

00:05:50 Cory Mortenson: You’re crapping me negative.

00:05:51 Dennis Duce: No, we hung out at his house.

00:05:52 Kirk Sherrod: Yeah. We’re friends with them and hang out quite regularly.

00:05:56 Cory Mortenson: That’s BA.

00:05:56 Dennis Duce: His oldest son is the same age as me, two years older than Kirk.

00:06:01: Kirk Sherrod: Yep.

00:06:02 Cory Mortenson: How old are you these days?

00:06:03 Dennis Duce: Kirk even…

00:06:04 Kirk Sherrod: Oh, thanks for mentioning that. I am 43.

00:06:06 Cory Mortenson: Are you…crap…Whoa!

00:06:08 Kirk Sherrod: Yeah, getting old.

00:06:09 Cory Mortenson: Yeah, we’re getting old.

00:06:10 Kirk Sherrod: We’re getting old. Getting old.

00:06:11 Cory Mortenson: I’m knock, knock, knocking on heaven’s door!

00:06:16 Kirk Sherrod: You think you’re going to heaven.

00:06:19 Cory Mortenson: Yes.

00:06:20 Kirk Sherrod: Okay.  Good grief.

00:06:21 Cory Mortenson: Because God forgives everybody.

00:06:23 Kirk Sherrod: That’s right.

00:06:25 Cory Mortenson: No, I gotta tell you, though. I love this Davinci Bike. I don’t know. Have you showed anybody this bike here. But this bike here seriously smokes a lot of donkey. Doesn’t it?

00:06:35 Kirk Sherrod: It does. That is a cool bike. That bike is, it is all carbon fiber, it is running that XX1 that we talked about. It has got one speed and eleven in the back. Um, twenty nine inch wheels, disc brakes, hydraulic disc brakes. Um, the bike weighs in just under 18 pounds the way it sits right there.

00:06:51 Cory Mortenson: Oh my gosh!

00:06:52 Kirk Sherrod: And it is fully rigid. It’s got a carbon fork and there is no suspension on it whatsoever. And that’s a good bike.

00:06:57 Cory Mortenson: So, this thing here has got these disc brakes on it?

00:07:01 Kirk Sherrod: Yeah.

00:07:02 Cory Mortenson: How reliable are those when they are, you have got a lot of mud. you are muddin’ it. You are goin’ downhill, I mean, how reliable is it?

00:07:10 Kirk Sherrod: Reliable. Way more reliable than rim brakes. Yeah. You get way more stopping power too. So, crank brakes, you know, they are using those on cars now.

00:07:20 Cory Mortenson: Really?

00:07:20: Kirk Sherrod: Yeah.

00:07:21 Cory Mortenson: You’re kidding me.

00:07:22 Kirk Sherrod: No.

00:07:22 Cory Mortenson: They’re not using drum?

00:07:23 Kirk Sherrod: No, your car has disc brakes on it.

00:07:24 Cory Mortenson: My car doesn’t.

00:07:25 Kirk Sherrod: It doesn’t?

00:07:26 Cory Mortenson: I have a 1974 Ford.

00:07:28 Kirk Sherrod: Oh, is that what you drive?

00:07:28 Cory Mortenson: Drum, all around.

00:07:29 Kirk Sherrod: You drove up in that?

00:07:30 Cory Mortenson: Boom.

00:07:30 Kirk Sherrod: Really?

00:07:31 Cory Mortenson: No, I lied. I am in a brand new Toyota. But I wanted to sound interesting because I never feel like I am an interesting enough character.

00:07:37 Kirk Sherrod: Yeah, that’s probably true.

00:07:38 Cory Mortenson: Yeah.

00:07:39 Kirk Sherrod: We could work on that.

00:07:40 Cory Mortenson: Probably.

00:07:41 Kirk Sherrod: Yeah. I like your  hat today, by the way.

00:07:42 Cory Mortenson: Thank you very much. I got this for $8.00 over at Best Buy. I lied. Not Best Buy. Target. They had it on sale.

00:07:50 Kirk Sherrod: Really?

00:07:50 Cory Mortenson: Yeah. Had them over by the hard drives. What the heck? So, but I will tell you what I did buy a couple of years ago, was a Trek.

00:07:59 Kirk Sherrod: You did.

00:08:00 Cory Mortenson: Yeah, I did, and you know what? It is not a bad bike. It is a pretty decent bike, but I think I need something more, that’s got a little oomph to it. I just feel like it is absorbing my energy. That could be because of the fatness factor, or I just, I need to get something that’s a little more got…(Bell ringing) Hey! Hello!

00:08:19 Kirk Sherrod: What would you…Oh, we’ve got a call coming in. Hang on a second. I am going to get back to that. I am going to get back to that. Okay, this is Jerk, how you doin?

00:08:26 Dennis Duce: Yeah, Chris Davies says, “Kirk, tell him hands off.” Hands off. I am not quite certain what he doesn’t want you touching.

00:08:35 Kirk Sherrod: You know what? I know what it is? Chris really, really wants that Wookie. That’s the Wookie Carbon we were talking about earlier. Chris is all over that. He wants to have that for sure. And, we have been taking about going down to Moab and Chris is going to come down and shoot some video and we are going to get him on one of these Wookies. He is really excited about that.

00:08:53 Cory Mortenson: Hey Chris, you rule! Hey, thanks for calling!

00:08:58 Kirk Sherrod: Yeah, thanks for calling, Chris! And, there’s, I just wanted to point out again, this is Chris Davies’ photograph right back here that he sent me. I just want to point that out because I am so proud of that and I appreciate it.

00:09:07 Cory Mortenson: Oh, he took that?

00:09:08 Kirk Sherrod: Thanks again Chris. Yeah, he took that.

00:09:09 Cory Mortenson: Wow! You know, I was just admiring that. That is seriously an awesome photo.

00:09:14 Kirk Sherrod: Isn’t that beautiful.

00:09:15 Cory Mortenson: I take pictures, not as good as that. That seriously rocks dude. I’m gonna work on that.

00:09:20 Kirk Sherrod: He just won an award. I know Chris won an award. What was the award that he won?

00:09:22 Dennis Duce: I don’t know, but it was a big deal. Chris, tell us what award you won. We’ll ring the bell again. You can call on the red phone and tell us your award and brag.

00:09:32 Kirk Sherrod: Chris is from England. Chris is from England. He is chiming in from England right now. He won an award over there for his magazine that he shoots for.

00:09:40 Cory Mortenson:  Is he from England?

00:09:41 Kirk Sherrod: Yeah, he lives there, from England.  Yep.

00:09:43 Dennis Duce: He’s been on our show, too! From England.

00:09:45 Kirk Sherrod: From England.

00:09:45 Cory Mortenson: Wow! Probably the smoking donkey award because that smokes a lot of donkey! Or, kicks ass!

00:09:54 Kirk Sherrod: Smokin…Oh, I see what it means. I see what you mean, smokin’ donkey! I didn’t understand it before. I’m like smokin’ donkey? What does that?

00:10:00 Cory Mortenson: You know, I gotta tell ya. Coming from deaf parents, my parents are deaf, I had to sailor mouth. I was teaching sailors how to talk when I was five. And, um, I am really trying to curb my language down because you know, I don’t want to be in Brooklyn all the time. You know what I’m sayin’?

00:10:18 Kirk Sherrod: Right.

00:10:19 Cory Mortenson: So, trying to drop the F-bombs, the buttocks talk.

00:10:24 Kirk Sherrod: You’re trying to back off away from that?

00:10:25 Cory Mortenson: Trying to back off. Trying to think of some more creative words.

00:10:30 Kirk Sherrod: I can appreciate that.

00:10:31 Cory Mortenson: You son of a bike! I just came up with that! And anyway!

00:10:38 Kirk Sherrod: This is interesting. Okay, so, I appreciate that! I don’t really like to swear a lot. I don’t really like to get…It gets old after a while. Sometimes I think what happens is you kind of lose your personality in that a little bit. You know, too much swearing.

00:10:53 Cory Mortenson: You really do. You do.

00:10:55 Kirk Sherrod: Yeah. Adrian, what do you got for us? Adrian over in the bike shop has got some cool stuff for us today. I know Adrian’s going to do something cool today. So, take it away, Adrian!

00:11:05 Adrian: Hi! I just wanted to talk about patching tubes. Um, here in the bicycle industry we like to recycle, so one of the best ways to recycle is by patching your tubes. So, typically if you get a flat, what I like to do is I like to carry a tube that I know is good, so let’s say I don’t have a patched tube, a pre-patched tube. What I will actually do, is take a new tube so then I know I am safe, and then once I get home, I’ll take the tube that I went flat with, and save that, pull that up, take it with me, and then when I get home that is when I will decide to patch it because usually you want to allow your patch to cure at  least twenty four hours, so right here, I have just some sand paper, my patch, which I really like these small road patches. They work really well for such a small tube. And then some glue, and I like to light it on fire because I am kind of a pyro that way. You don’t have to but I like to. So, this hole I have already inflated the tube, and found where the hole is. You know, if you are having trouble finding the hole, you can blow up the tube pretty, pretty big, and then you just kind of want to feel around and see if you can find where the air is coming out of it, if you still cannot find it, you can always put it under water and you will find it that way. But, in this case, I have already done that, so we are going to go right down to roughing it up with sandpaper. So, I kind of want to get rid of these seams a little bit, just to make sure that patch sticks on really well. You can be pretty rough with this, don’t be scared to mistreat it a little bit. There’s that. Now, for some glue. We want to apply a thin layer, not a huge glob. Then another thing I like to do right there, is give a little bit of fire. I kind of like to think that it is setting it on fire helps the curing process so as soon as that fire is out, stick your patch right on and then  roll up  your tube. Usually I try to roll it kind of where the patch is so then you have tube pressing against it. And then, you just kind of wrap it up with an elastic and save it for the next day so if you were going to ride the next day, and you don’t have a fresh tube, this one is ready to go. And, you can keep doing that until you kind of have a bunch of pre rolled, patched up tubes and you know, they are great for if you are out on the road and you see someone stranded and they need a tube, you can always lend them one if you are so kind, or they are great for that friend that always comes unprepared and gets a flat. Good for that too. Another little tool that I like to use is this guy, just a sharpened spoke works really great for checking your tire because sometimes you will not, you will get something puncturing through, so you always got to check your tire, because  you don’t want the same thing to repeat itself and end up with a flat again. But, usually  you will find your sticker or whatever is poking through, and push it out with the tool, I mean, really, anything sharp works, but I like to use a sharpened spoke. Another thing you want to do is you want to check your rim strip. Make sure everything is good in here, because any of these holes exposed are going to make it so once you inflate your tube inside your tire, it will explode because of that air pressure forcing its way into there, so you want to make sure your rim strip is safe, too. And all these things will keep you happy and rolling! So, I hope that was helpful for everyone.

00:16:05 Kirk Sherrod: Thanks, Adrian. Always a pleasure to have Adrian on the show. You know, we were talking about that. He was talking about tubes. I hope he was talking about bicycle tubes.

00:16:16 Cory Mortenson: Oh, not fallopian. That was his joke. Totally stole his joke. You know I’ve got to tell you, Adrian, that was really an ass-kicking tip. Seriously.

00:16:27 Kirk Sherrod: Yeah, very helpful. Yeah. Especially the part about the fact that you need to check your tire and make sure that you find all of the anomalies in there first.  You don’t want to put the tube back in, just fixed, or a brand new tube in there, and repeat the same problem. I have seen that a hundred times!

00:16:42 Adrian: Yeah, that’s the definition to insanity.

00:16:45 Kirk Sherrod: Yes it is. Adrian says that is the definition to insanity!

Bell rings.

00:16:49 Cory Mortenson: Hello!

00:16:50 Kirk Sherrod: Yeah, okay, we’ve got somebody else calling in. Who have we got today? Thank you for calling. This is Jerks Corner!

00:16:56 Dennis Duce: Phillip McAdams wants to correct. There is one here from Ireland as well!

00:17:01 Kirk Sherrod: Oh yeah. Hey, chiming in, Phillip McAdams from Ireland. Thanks for chiming in! Always a pleasure to have you hanging around the show.

00:17:08 Cory Mortenson: I love Ireland! Hey I love Ireland, dude! I love dark beer! Oh wait, can I say that? Adrian, how you doin’?

00:17:17 Dennis Duce: No, it’s Phillip.

00:17:18 Cory Mortenson:  Phillip, that’s right! I am really bad with Phillip’s! Hey, Phillip I love Ireland! Cool!

00:17:27 Kirk Sherrod: Works pretty good, doesn’t it?

00:17:28 Cory Mortenson: Yeah, it does actually. So…

00:17:30 Kirk Sherrod: The sound quality is really terrific.

00:17:32 Cory Mortenson: I’m  not kidding you. I would love to go to Ireland. My gosh. It’s just gorgeous country.

00:17:37 Kirk Sherrod: I’d love to go ride my bike in Ireland. I understand the riding over there is just gorgeous. Ide my bike over on the cliffs of Dover.

bell ringing.

00:17:45 Cory Mortenson: I can only say, “You little basta.” That’s all I can say and it’s really crappy.

00:17:50 Kirk Sherrod: Uh oh, we got somebody else. Boy, it’s just…blowin’ up the phones today. Okay, Jerks Corner, who is this?

00:17:56 Dennis Duce: Chris Davies, “Single Track Magazine Editor’s Choice Award. I was pretty stoked.”

00:18:03 Kirk Sherrod: Oh yeah, Single Track Editor’s Choice.

00:18:06 Cory Mortenson: Wow!

00:18:07 Kirk Sherrod: That is awesome! Hey, congratulations! We appreciate your business! We appreciate your stuff because, I mean, this is incredible. It is truly hard to see from here, but this is just, this is gorgeous.

00:18:18 Cory Mortenson: The only award I got was uh, for running a red light on my bike and got a ticket. I thought Woo! Past a red light! No, that’s a true story!

00:18:26 Kirk Sherrod: Is it?

00:18:27 Cory Mortenson: Yeah, I was riding to work when I worked at UPS many years ago and I was riding with a gentleman on 2200 West and we come to a big intersection where the big mall is over there, Valley Fair Mall?, and I was late, and I thought maybe I could beat the red light, and it was clear, and I went ahead and, but my buddy who I was riding with, stopped at the red light, and uh, yeah. Cop pulled me over and gave me a ticket for running a red light, was kind of a jerk about it.

00:18:58 Kirk Sherrod: Wow.

00:18:59 Cory Mortenson: yeah.

00:18:59 Kirk Sherrod: That’s too bad.

00:19:00 Cory Mortenson: Jerk! Jerks Bike Shop. So, yeah, anyway! So, you know, I’ve got to tell you, so when I walk into your shop about, what a week ago, was it last week? A week and a half ago?

00:19:13 Kirk Sherrod: Yeah, a week and a half ago.

00:19:14 Cory Mortenson: And, I love bikes. I have always loved bikes because they have always fascinated me on how you could get from point A to point B with your own energy.

00:19:23 Kirk Sherrod: Yep.

00:19:24 Cory Mortenson: So, and um, you told me about a..Hey, you toad me…And you told me about this project that you were working on, this restoration project for this gal, and it is actually kind of turned into a labor of love, and you showed me…He’s got some of these pieces right here. Show me some of these…First of all show them what it looked like. You’ve got to check this out. Unbelievable.

00:19:48 Kirk Sherrod: Well, it’s hard to show everything, but there is a lady that came to me. She wanted to restore her 1947 Schwinn and so, she brought me this bike. This is the seat that you can see. This is what it, the whole bike looked like. Rusted, and all beat up. It had been sitting in a chicken coop for about twenty years, and she wanted me to restore that back to the way it was when she was a kid. She got it when she was seven years old, and uh, she wanted that restored so I told her I would do it, but it is not something I can do all the time because it takes so long to do, and if you do it the right way, it just, I mean it takes forever and costs. It is expensive. But, we did start doing that and I will show you a couple of the pieces. So, so, keep in mind that what that seat looked like is what these parts all looked like and there is the, there is the chain guard for that, it’s been powdered coated and pinstriped. It is ready to go and be put on the bike, and it’s starting to look like it used to look back in the day.

00:20:47 Cory Mortenson: It really is a work of art. It’s beautiful.

00:20:50 Kirk Sherrod: It will be beautiful when it is finished.

00:20:52 Cory Mortenson: Let me ask you, what made you decide on blue? Was that the original color?

00:20:56 Kirk Sherrod: The original color was blue with white pin striping and back then, you know, a color that happened on one bike, could be a little bit different on another bike, because they did not have all of the paint expertise that they have now. They did not have numbers and colors and little things that they can shoot in there by computer. So, it was all hand stirred and hand mixed and so sometimes they would come out a little bit different color. But, we have matched it as close as possible to the original color and then the stripes were hand painted on there.

00:21:26 Cory Mortenson: Wow! It really is a piece of work! I love it! It’s a piece of art! I wouldn’t even want to ride it. I would just put it up, and display it.

00:21:33 Kirk Sherrod: That’s how I feel about it, but I don’t know what she is going to do. I think she is going to ride it!

Bell ringing.

00:21:36 Cory Mortenson: That’d be cool.

00:21:37 Kirk Sherrod: She’s excited about it. So yeah…

00:21:39 Cory Mortenson: Another call?

00:21:39 Kirk Sherrod: I’ve got another call, yeah. Go ahead, oh, I’ve got to answer the phone. This is how this works. Back in the day you have to answer the call.

00:21:45 Cory Mortenson: What a hot idea!

00:21:46 Kirk Sherrod: This is Jerks Corner. This is Kirk! How can I help you?

00:21:49 Dennis Duce: Sherrill Duce says, “I love Adrian’s advice. I’d like to take him with me so he can fix my bike when it breaks!”

00:21:57 Kirk Sherrod: Wouldn’t we all want to take Adrian with us on our bike when we can go for a ride? Unfortunately, he is busy here at the shop fixing stuff and we don’t have time to take him everywhere, and he cannot be everywhere. But, what you can do, is you can watch these and learn how to do it yourself. That’s kind of the whole point of that, is to learn it yourself. Even though Adrian’s cute and everybody, especially all the girls, want to take Adrian with them, you can’t. You have to leave him here in the shop. Sorry ladies!

00:22:20 Cory Mortenson: Adrian, the trunk monkey! The original trunk monkey! Look at him! What a cute trunk monkey!

00:22:29 Dennis Duce: Wave, trunk monkey!

00:22:34 Kirk Sherrod: It’s a good thing Adrian has a good sense of humor! (Bell Ringing) Oh, we have another call coming in. That’s great! Who we got now. Do you want to answer this one?

00:22:41 Cory Mortenson: Sure. Jerks Bike Shop. How can I help  you? What?

00:22:47 Dennis Duce: Philip McAdams says, “Never knew about using the flame. A super idea. I now understand the concept.”

00:22:55 Cory Mortenson: Oh cool, is this Phillip from Ireland?

00:22:58 Kirk Sherrod: Yeah.

00:22:58 Cory Mortenson: Sweet! Hey, well, Phil, thanks for calling in! Appreciate ya!

00:23:04 Kirk Sherrod: That’s a great thing.

00:23:07 Cory Mortenson: How do you, you know, you put the camera on me, and my nose, this region right here, starts to itch. People think I do coke, I don’t. Just an itchy nose. I just wooo! So anyway, I was going to ask you, how much time do we have left?

00:23:25 Kirk Sherrod: Oh, I don’t know. We’ve got time. What do you got going on?

00:23:28 Cory Mortenson: You know, I’ve got to tell ya, Jerks Bike Shop, what a cool name! How did you come up with that name?

00:23:34 Kirk Sherrod: Well, a long time ago, Jeff and I, my brother Jeff and I, thought if we were ever to open a bike shop, we would just call it Jerks Bike Shop. We thought it was funny, and the way we kind of came up with that, is it was Jeff and Kirk, and then my sister, her name is Robin, so if you really want to know where it all came from, it was Jeff, and Robin and Kirk Sherrod. That’s the last name is Sherrod, so, Jerks.

00:23:58 Cory Mortenson: You know, I gotta tell you, what a cool last name, Sherrod. My last name, Mortenson, which means I am son of Mort.

00:24:08 Kirk Sherrod: Well, you know, Sherrod is an interesting last name.

00:24:12 Cory Mortenson: Where’s that from?

00:24:12 Kirk Sherrod: Um, it is actually from um, where is it from? It is Scottish.

00:24:17 Cory Mortenson: Is it really?

00:24:18 Kirk Sherrod: It is a Scottish name. It is a derivative of Sherriff. That is where it came from.

00:24:30 Cory Mortenson: I love that last name.

00:24:22 Kirk Sherrod: But it is easy to remember. If you want to remember me, remember my last name Sherrod. It’s easy because I am sure odd. Sherrod.

00:24:31 Cory Mortenson: That’ s cool.

00:24:31 Kirk Sherrod: Spell that however you want.

00:24:32 Cory Mortenson: It is really cool. Well, and the tech guy. Again, I gotta tell you. He looks really, really cool. What’s your name?

00:24:38 Dennis Duce: Dennis.

00:24:39 Cory Mortenson: Dennis McQuaid! Woo! Love Dennis McQuaid. That’s not your last name is it?

00:24:45 Dennis Duce: Uh, no.

00:24:45 Cory Mortenson: Uh, what’s your last name.

00:24:46 Dennis Duce: Duce.

00:24:47 Cory Mortenson: You are kidding. Dennis Duce. Wow! Really? True Story? Dennis Duce?

00:24:52 Dennis Duce: Dennis Duce!

00:24:54 Cory Mortenson: Damn! Chima!

00:24:57 Kirk Sherrod: So, I am just bustin’ up over here. Every time I get together with you, it is a funny thing! So, uh, we have we have some people chiming in on here, I want, there was one question way back, back there I wanted to see if we could answer. I’d have to go back a little bit, but, it was waaay, way back.

00:25:15 Dennis Duce: What was it about?

00:25:16 Kirk Sherrod: I don’t remember. It was something interesting. Way at the beginning. Anyway. We will have…

00:25:21 Dennis Duce: Before the show started, or?

00:25:23 Kirk Sherrod: No, it was just after. Dennis will have to see if he can find it on there.

00:25:26 Dennis Duce: I need some direction.

00:25:29 Cory Mortenson: We need some looking music, is what we need. (Singing) I fell into a burning ring of fire! Went down, down, down, down, the flames got higher. And it burned, burned, burned, the ring of fire.

00:25:43 Kirk Sherrod: If you…

00:25:43 Cory Mortenson: Did you find it yet?

00:25:44 Kirk Sherrod: If you ever thought you were going to be entertained when you pulled up to the show today, you were sorely mistaken.

00:25:51 Cory Mortenson: Well.

00:25:51 Kirk Sherrod: How much fun are you having today?

00:25:53 Cory Mortenson: Dude, this is a lot of fun.

00:25:54 Kirk Sherrod: And thank you for coming, by the way.

00:25:55 Cory Mortenson: Hey, no  problem. I was working really hard today at my own private office, I have my own private Idaho. And, you called me and it was awesome!

00:26:08 Kirk Sherrod: So, I want to know a little bit more about what you do for the University of Utah.

00:26:13 Cory Mortenson: Okay, so, I have been in production for over twenty years, and I have done video, and this started at, I had a comedy show up in Park City called  “The Last Punchline” that I had with one of my dearest friends, Wayne Madison. Funny, funny guy, but of course, I was funnier than he is. We had this thing where we would try to top each other, and you know, funny story. He tried to, we always tried to prank each other, and we were working in Midvale doing this comedy show, and we would interview people coming out of the comedy show, “Hey, what’d ya think?” And the person would be in the middle, so we would have our arm around them, and we would be, you know. Well, this gal, she must have been you know, late seventies, right? Seventies, she is a little older, but uh, So, we are interviewing her, and next thing you know it, he kisses her on the cheek, and I am like, okay, that’s weird! But, I am not going to be outdone, so I kiss her on the lips, but it wasn’t just like a peck, I mean, I grabbed this lady, and I am like almost full tongue, right? So, I’m just kissing this gal, and my partner is dying! He is laughing so hard and so we’re done, and he says, “By the way, that’s my grandma!” And I was like, “Oh, so you tried to get me!” Well, I won that!

00:27:35 Kirk Sherrod: That’s funny!

00:27:35 Cory Mortenson: So, uh, and it just kind of evolved…

00:27:37 Kirk Sherrod: So, how was it? I mean…you know, everybody wants to know.

00:27:42 Cory Mortenson: Wasn’t too bad!

00:27:43 Kirk Sherrod: Wasn’t too bad! Wasn’t too bad.

00:27:46 Cory Mortenson: No, and things kind of evolved and I kind of, I was working UPS at the time where we met. We met when I worked at UPS and you worked at the Pawn Shop.

00:27:53 Kirk Sherrod: Right. I used to work at a pawn shop!

00:27:55 Cory Mortenson: Worked at a pawn shop, and then I just have been kind of doing production everywhere. I have been all over the world, did a music video in Japan, did stuff in Canada. I mean it has been a lot of, lot of fun. So, as I am getting older, this opportunity came up at the University of Utah and it just you know, something to settle down with, and it is not really settling down, it really is a butt kicking job. I shoot all the sports, I do recruiting videos, uh, for basketball, swimming, my funnest one is gymnastics and the and the swimming videos.

00:28:34 Kirk Sherrod: Yeah.

00:28:34 Cory Mortenson: So, but it is a lot of fun, and I get to play with a lot of fun toys!

00:28:38 Kirk Sherrod: Oh yeah. Do you get in the water with the swimmers?

00:28:41 Cory Mortenson: Uh, well no because of my weight, I displace too much water. And the swimmers and going, where the heck is the water? So, yeah, no. I don’t get in with them.

00:28:50 Kirk Sherrod: Yeah.

00:28:51 Cory Mortenson: You know, ever since I quit riding, I have gotten man boobs. Mammogram Man!

00:28:55 Kirk Sherrod: Really?

00:28:56 Cory Mortenson: Yeah.

00:28:56 Kirk Sherrod: Mammogram Man!

00:28:57 Cory Mortenson: I just kind of… Well, that’s another thing we used to do. We had this bit where we would go out and we had this thing called Mobile Mammogram Man! And we had this refrigerator box with two holes cut out, that said, “place breasts here” and we would sit there in these doctor’s outfits, and we would just shoot reactions of women going back and forth, and oh, man, we got a lot of dirty looks and uh. But then we did a thing where we tested the guy, you know, we had the hole down there, and we had a line of guys lining up. That’s the joke!

00:29:30 Kirk Sherrod: I’ll never forget when you did that. You pulled up to the pawn shop parking lot, I’m working at the pawn shop, wanted to know if he could use the pawn shop parking lot to shoot this video, and then when they started wheeling everything out, rolling out what they were going to do, my boss is like, “I, I don’t know if I want these guys in the parking lot out there! This is not gonna be good. This is not going to be good for business. I’m like, look, he won’t be here very long, and he won’t cause any problems. Well, it was like a three ring circus there all day.

00:29:59 Cory Mortenson: It was a lot of fun. And I…

00:30:01 Kirk Sherrod: It was.

00:30:02 Cory Mortenson: And I appreciate you not calling the cops on us.

00:30:05 Kirk Sherrod: That’s… you’re welcome.

00:30:06 Cory Mortenson: So, but anyway, that’s what I do now. I just started doing photography three years ago, four years ago, done video all up until then, and I gotta tell ya, I absolutely love photography. I just, I love stuff like this.

00:30:19 Kirk Sherrod: Yeah.

00:30:19 Cory Mortenson: I love how uh, his composition on that shot is really cool.

00:30:25 Kirk Sherrod: Yeah.

00:30:25 Cory Mortenson: So…

00:30:26 Kirk Sherrod: And so, what are you doing a lot of weddings now, you’re like the wedding photographer.

00:30:29 Cory Mortenson: Negative, Ghost Rider. Your pattern is full! I stopped doing weddings last October.

00:30:36 Kirk Sherrod: Why is that?

00:30:37 Cory Mortenson: Uh, too much work.

00:30:38 Kirk Sherrod: Yeah.

00:30:39 Cory Mortenson: You know, I love doing things that make things look artistically. But, uh, I was treated like a third world citizen at my last wedding and I hope they are not watching right now.

00:30:50 Kirk Sherrod: They probably are. We have a lot of viewers.

00:30:52 Cory Mortenson: Sweet! Nine!  Woo! But uh, no. Don’t do any weddings. No. But I like doing, shooting kind of different stuff. I’d love to shoot bicycle stuff.

00:31:04 Kirk Sherrod: Would ya?

00:31:05 Cory Mortenson: I would love to.

00:31:06 Kirk Sherrod: Oh yeah.

00:31:06 Cory Mortenson: I would, and what’s his name?

00:31:08 Kirk Sherrod: Chris Davies.

00:31:09 Cory Mortenson: Chris, It’d be awesome if I could get some pointers from ya, like what kind of cameras do you shoot with?

00:31:15 Kirk Sherrod: He’s coming here.  He’ll be here.

00:31:17 Cory Mortenson: When?

00:31:17 Kirk Sherrod: Uh, end of September, or, middle of September.

00:31:20 Cory Mortenson: Really?

00:31:20 Kirk Sherrod: Yep. Yeah, they are coming, he is coming down here, we are going to do a shoot down in Moab and he is going to ride some bikes, we are going to shoot some stuff in Moab, and then we are going to go down to the Bike Show.

00:31:31 Cory Mortenson: Hey, maybe I could join ya!

00:31:32 Kirk Sherrod: You could join us. Everybody is invited  by the way! We are getting a list together. We want people to be part of that, so if you want to go for a bike ride in Moab, Moab, Utah, you can come down and be with us, and be on video, and enjoy that because we are going to do, that is going to be our trip for the year. So.

00:31:50 Cory Mortenson: I am thinking about wearing a speedo with the potato in the back.

00:31:54 Kirk Sherrod: Potato goes in the front.

00:31:57 Cory Mortenson: Oh. Now you tell me.

00:31:59 Kirk Sherrod: I don’t know why. I don’t know why.

00:32:03 Cory Mortenson: With an eel skin vest and cowboy boots. I uh, by the way, I shoot with Canons. I am a  Canon shooter and I don’t know what Chris shoots with.

00:32:11 Kirk Sherrod: Dennis shoots with a canon.

00:32:12 Cory Mortenson: Do you really?

00:32:13 Kirk Sherrod: Yeah, at the Pawn Boys he was shooting a canon off last couple of weeks ago.

00:32:18 Cory Mortenson: Shooting a canon off.

00:32:19 Dennis Duce: We shot a golf ball canon live.

00:32:22 Cory Mortenson: No way!

00:32:23 Dennis Duce: On air. It was pretty cool.

00:32:25 Cory Mortenson: Wow!

00:32:26 Kirk Sherrod: Not that kind of canon. You’re talking about a camera.

00:32:28 Cory Mortenson: This Dennis Duce dude, kicks ack. See?

00:32:32 Kirk Sherrod: Ack.

00:32:33 Cory Mortenson: I’m doing really good with my swearing, aren’t I?

00:32:35 Kirk Sherrod: I appreciate that. I appreciate that! So do our viewers!

00:32:39 Cory Mortenson:  See, my parents did not hear me swear, so I could say anything I wanted.

00:32:42 Kirk Sherrod: Yeah. Because they were deaf. (Bell ringing) Op, we have another call coming in.

00:32:47 Cory Mortenson: Op, sorry.

00:32:48 Kirk Sherrod: There we go. Thanks for calling Jerks Corner, this is Kirk.

00:32:52 Dennis Duce: Chris Davies is asking, “Shall we do a Utah Photography class?”

00:32:57 Kirk Sherrod: Oh, that’d be a great idea! Yeah. We’ve got so much cool stuff to shoot around here, and we could do that.

00:33:03 Cory Mortenson: Oh my gosh.

00:33:04 Kirk Sherrod: We could do a class and teach the class and then you know, everybody could learn from that. Because, you know, Chris when he came on the show before gave us some good pointers. It was great. Thanks Chris.

00:33:13 Cory Mortenson: See, the cool thing about this region, that I love about Utah, is we’ve got little Sahara out in the west desert, it looks like the Sahara Desert, you would think you were in a different country.

00:33:23 Kirk Sherrod:  Yep.

00:33:23 Cory Mortenson: Then you can drive up to…

00:33:25 Dennis Duce: Except for all the paddle bikes and dune buggies.

00:33:30 Cory Mortenson: Does that bother ya?

00:33:31 Dennis Duce: No, it’s just I don’t think that you see those in the Sahara Desert.

00:33:34Cory Mortenson: Wanna bet?

00:33:35 Kirk Sherrod: Yeah.

00:33:36 Cory Mortenson: I bet you could if you wanted.

00:33:38 Dennis Duce: Not in the quantity that you see them here.

00:33:40 Cory Mortenson: Yeah, good point.

00:33:40 Kirk Sherrod: During the week that place is pretty barren.

00:33:42 Dennis Duce: Yes, that is true. But on the weekends in the summer, I think it is busier.

00:33:47 Kirk Sherrod: Easter Sunday out there is an absolute…It’s like one of those Girls Gone Wild Videos. That’s what that place is on Easter weekend out there.

00:33:55 Cory Mortenson: And people celebrate Jesus’ birthday on their own way. And that’s how, you know, if you want to celebrate Jesus’ birthday out in the desert with a paddle bike, that’d be sweet!

00:34:05 Kirk Sherrod: I hear you on that, somewhat.

Bell ringing.

00:34:08 Dennis Duce: I think we need to change the subject!

00:34:10 Kirk Sherrod: Yes, we do. Bell ringing. Okay, here we go. Thanks for calling Jerks Bike Shop. This is Kirk, going to hell.

00:34:18 Dennis Duce: Chris Davies again, Hey Chris, Canon 5D3, 7D and Fuji X100’s are his cameras of choice.

00:34:27 Cory Mortenson: Oh wow.

00:34:27 Kirk Sherrod: I’m not sure what language that is, but uh, whatever language, did you understand what he said?

00:34:32 Cory Mortenson: I actually shoot with the 5D3 myself. I absolutely love that camera. I have got a 7D as well. Uh, and a 60D, but I am really, really saving up for a 1DX, which is an amazing camera.

00:34:48 Kirk Sherrod: Yeah, again, I have no idea what they just said, but they said something.

00:34:52 Cory Mortenson: The 5D3…(fanfare noise) Is that it? Is that the time?

00:34:55 Dennis Duce: No! It’s just ta-da!

00:34:58 Cory Mortenson: Yay!

00:34:58 Dennis Duce: You won a 1DX!

00:34:59 Cory Mortenson: Woo! 1DX is Canon’s flagship camera and it is a, it is a 1.3 crop center, APSC sensor, and it is lickety fast. It is so fast, it focus and it…It’s a pretty sweet…And, you can hammer a nail in with the body! It’s pretty cool! I just plugged Canon. We should be plugging bikes.

00:35:23 Kirk Sherrod: No, that’s okay! We want to talk about all kinds of different stuff. Especially if you are going to shoot some bikes with us, and those fancy new cameras.

00:35:30 Cory Mortenson: I also, I have  had the privilege of shooting with the Canon C500, which is an amazing camera.

00:35:39 Kirk Sherrod: Is it?  What makes that so amazing, over another?

00:35:41 Cory Mortenson: 4K, shoots 4K, 120 frames per second, raw.

00:35:47 Kirk Sherrod: I think I have a Polaroid in here that shoots raw.

00:35:50 Cory Mortenson: Do you really?

00:35:50 Kirk Sherrod: I think so.

00:35:51 Cory Mortenson: Well, is it film?

00:35:53 Kirk Sherrod: Yeah, you hit it and zzzz…the little thing comes out.

00:35:56 Cory Mortenson: That is raw.

00:35:56 Kirk Sherrod: You warm it up under your arm, you know? That’s about as raw as it comes.

00:36:01 Cory Mortenson: That’s pretty cool, actually. I love the polaroid look. I am really glad they are starting to bring them back.

00:36:06 Kirk Sherrod: Yeah.

00:36:06 Cory Mortenson: I think all the engineers bought it and started, and Bolex. Remember Bolex? The old film cameras?

00:36:14 Dennis Duce and Kirk Sherrod: No.

00:36:15 Cory Mortenson: Oh. Well, Bolex made this 16 and 8 millimeter film camera…

00:36:19 Kirk Sherrod: When was that? 1940’s or…

00:36:19 Cory Mortenson: Uh, well, probably. I am not sure. A long time ago.

00:36:23 Kirk Sherrod: Is it old?

00:36:24 Cory Mortenson: It’s old. Well, uh, somebody resurrected the name and they actually put a digital 2K camera inside the Bolex body. It is pretty cool!

00:36:35 Kirk Sherrod: I think I bought a Bolex one time. I bought it off a guy on the street. He opened his jacket, he says, Do you want to buy a Bolex?”

00:36:40 Dennis Duce: It was a watch, right?

00:36:41 Kirk Sherrod: Yeah, it was a watch. Yeah. I didn’t, you know, I just bought it and I thought, Hey, Rolex! That’s pretty cool! Bolex!

00:36:46 Cory Mortenson: You still have it?

00:36:47 Kirk Sherrod: Bolex. No, I got it stolen… You know what’s so funny? Somebody stole that from me, out of my house. I think I know who it was. Anyway, they came in to my house and stole it, thinking that it was a real Rolex. And…

00:36:59 Cory Mortenson: Are you serious?

00:37:00 Kirk Sherrod: Yeah. Yeah, I am pretty sure I know who it was, too. I knew who it was.

00:37:04 Cory Mortenson: One guy came up to me and said, “Hey, wanna buy a watch?” and I woke up naked in a field. (bell ringing)

00:37:10 Dennis Duce: Wearing a Reverend Horton Heat shirt.

00:37:12 Cory Mortenson: Wearing a Reverend Horton Heat shirt.

00:37:13 Kirk Sherrod: Thanks for calling Jerks Bike Shop. We’re getting a little crazy here. What can I do for you?

00:37:17 Dennis Duce: Phillip McAdams says, “You should shoot some bike videos of your locality, so that we can see where the bike shop is located.”

00:37:25 Kirk Sherrod: Oh yeah, okay.

00:37:26 Cory Mortenson: That’s actually a really good idea.

00:37:27 Kirk Sherrod: That is a good idea. We are going to do that for sure. Thanks for the idea, and we will have, we will have that, maybe we will have that by next week, we can shoot some video and post that up. Thanks for the ideas!

00:37:38 Dennis Duce: Maybe we could do the entire episode on bikes.

00:37:41 Kirk Sherrod: On bikes.

00:37:41 Dennis Duce: Yeah! We could…

00:37:44 Cory Mortenson: Riding bikes?

00:37:45 Dennis Duce: Live video feed riding bikes. It’d be… Well, we do that…I don’t know if we could do that by next week, but we could…

00:37:53 Cory Mortenson: You know what’s really cool about being ADHD? Is you ride bikes all the time.


00:38:04 Kirk Sherrod: And there’s our snare drum.

00:38:05 Cory Mortenson: Thank you very much.

00:38:07 Kirk Sherrod: Well, that’s about it. I think we’re about out of time, don’t you think there, Dennis?

00:38:10 Dennis Duce: Yep.

00:38:11 Kirk Sherrod: It’s about that time…Wait. We’ve had so much fun. I don’t even want to. I don’t want it to be over.

00:38:15 Cory Mortenson: You know, I’ve got to tell you, this was a lot of fun. I appreciate you having me on your show. Great shop. Great people. DD. Boom! Dungeons and Dragons, gotta go all the way, baby! Thanks for having me. I loved, seriously, this has been a lot of fun! And you guys out there, I hope I didn’t piss anybody off like I always do. But, keep on rocking in the free world.

00:38:35 Kirk Sherrod: Thanks man! I really appreciate it. Thanks for coming on. Okay, that’s another edition of Jerks Corner. Thanks for coming. You guys have a super day out there. Be safe!


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