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Kirk: Hey i’ts one more jerks corner, how’re you guys doing? Everybody out there in the world. We’re

really excited today, we’ve got great people on our show. We’ve got somebody from England chiming in

right now. We’ve got Chris Davis over the SOMETHING. How are you doing Chris?

Chris: I’m good how are you?

Kirk: Excellent, excellent! I love it. And we’ve also got Matt from All About Pallets here with us today.

Matt’s going to tell us all about his business and what’s going on. In fact, let’s do that first. Let’s talk

about Matt’s business a little bit. I love this guy. This guy has spent a lot of time in my business and he’s

put all kinds of cool displays up for me, and what’s neat about it is he does everything out of pallets. So,

all reclaimed pallets. So I’m going to ask you- now Matt’s deaf, so he’s going to have a translator- he’s

going to do everything in signing and then the translator, you’re going to be able to hear the translator


Translator: About your business. Tell them about your business.

Matt: It’s all about pallets. Make tables, and chairs, and consoles, and everything out of pallets. Makes it

look very rustic.

Kirk: We’ve got some stuff in our store. In fact, maybe what we can do is take the camera around show

you what we have in here. What’s so neat about it is pallets get thrown away or they get thrown in a

pile somewhere and they get this kind of cool look to them and we actually had matt come and build us

some stuff in our store as display, and it looks so cool. You’ve done other places too haven’t you?

Matt: Yes, other places we’ve done: Missionary, missionary depot. Bike Shop, blue star coffee shop,

about 300, 2300 East and about 20th

breakfast bars.


Kirk: Very cool. Yeah, now so blue star, I saw the pictures from blue star in the inside of blue star. That

was beautiful in there. How long did that take to do that, matt?

Translator: How much time to do blue star?

Matt: One week

Kirk: one week? Whoa.

Matt: A long time.

Kirk: Oh wow, that’s really great. That’s beautiful in there, if you ever get a chance to go down to blue

star. What’s the address again about?

Matt: About 2300 East and about 1900 South.

Host: Okay

Matt: About just before you get on I..I-280, I-80, right in there.

Kirk: Yeah that’s beautiful I saw the pictures of that and it’s just gorgeous in there. Like I said if we get a

chance, I’m going to take the camera around and you can see some of the displays that they’ve done for

us around here. And the tables that Matt makes are out of this world. He’s got one that has a star on it

and I…I think I just want that table. Do you still have that one? Do you still have that, Matt?


Matt: Yeah we still have the circle star king table. It has two buckets in it, and two benches? Two

benches. It’s a sweet table, a sweet table.

Kirk: Now you do, you do picnic tables too, right?

Matt: Picnic tables? Yeah, yep.

Kirk: With a bucket in the middle? Oh yeah, so ok, if you want to keep your drinks cold, you just put ice

in there and you put the drinks in…in the, the bucket?

Matt: Yeah, yeah.

Kirk: I love it.

Matt: And we now have a plug when you’re not using the bucket.

Kirk: Okay.

Matt: Take the bucket out.

Kirk: Okay.

Matt: And you put the plug in it so it’s just like a regular table, then.

Kirk: Oh, that’s…

Matt: It’s all right inside the logo, and everything. It’s really cool

Kirk: How do you sign genius?

Matt: Spell it

(Both laughing)

Kirk: It’s beautiful, genius.

Matt: Really smart.


Kirk: And I saw you had a University of Utah table.

Matt: A U of U table, I have a four-by-four, and a king table.

Kirk: What’s a king table? You keep saying that term.

Matt: The king table is ninety-six inches long, and forty inches wide.

Kirk: oh, okay.

Matt: Ok? And we have the goliath table which is ten feet long

Kirk: Oh, wow.

Matt: And it has three buckets in it.

Kirk: Three buckets so you can invite all your friends, and everybody can get really wasted.

Matt: (laughing) Right.

Kirk: Because that’s what they do with those kind of tables. Ok. So, all right, now tell me, how…how

much does something like that cost? Like if I was going to get a king table, how much?

Matt: About a thousand dollars.

Kirk: A thousand dollars. They are beautiful tables. I mean the craftsmanship is gorgeous. The website is, right?

Matt: That is right.

Host: So go on and check out these tables. If you want to order one, Matt’s local

here with us here in Utah and they are just gorgeous. And he can make all kinds of different stuff. I know

you made some bed..bed frames too, or headboards.


Mat: Some breadboards. Made some headboards. We have a unique clip that’s on there called a French

clip that we just mount a board on the wall. It has a groove on it and the groove on the headboard just

fits down inside it, so it fits flush against the wall and it’s just beautiful.

Kirk: oh yeah, oh yeah, yeah. I saw those.

Matt: and you can see them on our website.

Kirk: I want one of those for my bed

Translator: He wants one

Kirk: Yeah I want one. It’s for sure. It’s going to happen, right? Is it ok if I have one of those?

Matt: Sure, yeah.

Kirk: Ok so um, tell me how much, how many, how many pallets do you have stacked up in your house?

Matt: I have one that’s about twelve feet long, it’s a big pallet. I have probably fifty or sixty in my garage

(translator laughs), and then we have a bunch of others that we’ve torn apart and stacked for inventory

and you can see that on the net too, on the website.

Kirk: Ok. Now, is that something that if we have pallets, is that something that you are taking donations

for? I mean if I’ve got some extra pallets kicking around, I just call you up and you want those? Or are

they specific kinds you’re looking for or?

Matt: We’re…we’re…

Translator: Kind of pallets?

Matt: we have to be very choosey and picky on those because when you see some of the furniture, it’s

just gorgeous and so we’re limited on what kind of pallets we can use.

Kirk: Oh, I see.

Matt: And so, we’re…that’s what takes most of our time is probably getting those pallets.

Kirk: Looking for those pallets

Matt: Yeah.

Kirk: Ok. Well, is that something that…is there a way for people to contact you about that, and get the

right pallets to you? Because I know for me, I get pallets, about 2-3 times a year with bikes on them. We

get five or six in a year that come in here and I don’t know what to do with them they just sit out back

here so…

Matt: Usually we just don’t take those. Usually we go to pallet companies and find what they have. It’s

more economical for us.

Kirk: Oh, ok.

Matt: But yeah, if you’ve got some that we can help you out and take those away, you bet. Give us a call

and we’ll see what we can do.

Kirk: Oh ok that’s great. Hey, thank you for coming on our show. I really appreciate it, thank you so

much. Thank you.


Kirk: Oh, what we’ve got next is we’ve got Adrienne over in the shop. He’s got to be over there

somewhere, right?. There he is. How’s it going Adrienne? Are your ready to go?

Adrienne: Yep, I’m ready.

Kirk: Ok good way, my friend. What have you got for us?

Adrienne: All aright. So today I want to talk about rim-brakes. Now, wheels are expensive, so one of

the many ways you can save your wheels is by taking care of your brake pads. Especially if you have

rim breaks because you see the brake track here, I’ve seen them so bad where they’ve been kind of

dented in, pitted in, worn down in, and in worse cases I’ve seen where the top of it rips off and that can

even happen while you’re riding. It can become really dangers. But anyway, if you can see here, this is

a pretty bad brake pad. You see all of this, all this metal right here, all this stuff gets imbedded into the

break pad and as its braking, that’s rubbing off on the rim, and all that metal and rocks, and dirt and

whatnot is really scoring the rim and wearing it down which is definitely bad for your rim.


Adrienne: This one right here, I don’t know if you can see, has a little lip right here and that means the

brake was improperly installed and it’s wearing wrong onto the rim. So, what you can do every once

in a while, especially after a wet ride, is I like to use alcohol, some alcohol right here in a spray bottle,

and just spray it onto the brake. And then, I like to take a stiff brush and rough it up and just kind of

resurface it. You can even take sand paper and resurface that– take that lip off. Also, you can use

something poking so this is a sharpened spoke, and I use this to poke out all the metal, and that will

definitely save your rims, improve your braking, which is also important for safety reasons. And you can

also use alcohol on disk brakes. That’s about the only thing you can use to clean them. Disk brakes are a

little less finicky.


Host 2: All right, we have lost our host is off doing what he does, running the shop. That was really

interesting though for me, Adrienne, you know not being a major…you know I bike, but I’m not a biker

per say, and as you know as you maintain my bike, I’m not very good at caring for my bike. But I often

find that my brakes just kind of stop working and I never really knew how to fix that. But the idea of

roughing up the brake pads, I know that would help a ton. That was really..that’s a cool idea! I’ve never

thought of that, but that, that’s pretty cool stuff. All right, well, I am going to take over hosting duties

here from the Jerk’s Corner, and I’m going to bring on Chris at this point. Chris?


Chris: I’m here. How’s it going?

Host 2: Good, good. So, tell us a little bit about what you do. It’s kind of interesting how you ended up

on our show in the first place. Go ahead and tell that story, that was like three weeks back I think.

Chris: yeah that was a couple of weeks back. First of all, I have an apology to make. If I sound bunged up

I’ve got…we call it man-flu in England. It’s something us guys get when moved by the cold and that’s

why I sound a little bit dull tonight.

Host 2: Not a problem.

Chris: So excuse that. Yeah, I was… a… google plus isn’t so big over here in England, and…but I work for, I

with Smug Mug- beautiful photography websites and a lot of the stuff, a lot of the promotion is done on

google plus-something we’ve been trying to get into . I was just posting some pictures the other day and

Kevin Winslor popped up in my timeline. Kevin does some stuff for Smug Mug, too. We had a mutual

friend and my mutual friend about a year ago was telling me I ought to check out Kevin and some of his

stuff because it’s similar kind of work. We both shoot outdoors, adventures, some product stuff, and

Kevin said, “Hey, I’m going to be doing a hang-out” I thought , well lets go see what Kevin looks like, see

what he’s got to say. So I hooked up with you guys.

Host 2: yeah, that was really kind of cool. And you were very active in the, in the conversations during

that particular hang-out. Back… you know won yourself a pair of bike grips!

Chris: is that what it was? Bike grips?

(Host 2 laughing)

Host 2: Which we have since given away to a much deserving child at your request which we

Chris: Fantastic!


Host 2: So tell us a little bit about what kind of photography that you do you?

Chris: Ok, so my branding is a travel and adventure sports photographer. It’s something I’ve’ been

doing for two years professionally now. Professional its a…you’re professional when you get paid to do

photography. So yeah, I’ve been shooting for two years professionally now. I’ve just started working for

a couple of good magazines over here in the UK. I don’t know if you have Single Track Mountain Bike

magazine in the United States. It’s a beautiful mountain bike magazine– very arty, very much about

the spirit of adventure and travel and mountain biking– less licra , more beautiful scenery. And I’ve

just shot the cover for the women’s cycling magazine over here. It’s a relatively new production for the

last twelve or eighteen months and they’ve just hired me to do their cover photo, so yeah, I’m kind

of…cycling is my big thing. I love to ride. I’m a mountain biker, but I ride bike as well. I do triathlons

while I’m in shape. And yeah, I document…I document people having fun doing outdoor sports.

Host 2: Cool. Cool. Now, how did you get to the point of being a professional photographer two years

ago? What was the track that took you there?

Chris: well, if you check out my website, have a look at the blog. Rewind

maybe twelve months ago and I wrote a blog post about my first year going pro. Within that, I talk about

all the various people who helped me out and decide to turn professional. Some of those, the guys at

Smug Mug, some friend, but I guess growing up, I was always the guy with a camera. My mom gave me

a camera when I was very small. I always enjoyed taking photos. I see it as an art form, but also science.

How do you play with the light? Get the right image? Some of it is staging but above all I love being

outdoors in nature. I was always outdoors taking photos with friends and friends are always saying “your

photos are amazing you have to sell them!” I think one thing led to another. I’ve worked for the police

for ten years. The career was stalling, but photography was great fun, thought, hey why not? Take a

plunge and it’s going good so far”.


Host 2: Good deal. And that’s what you do full time?

Chris: It’s not full time but I do it half and half. I have a job I work for and it’s probably the equivalent of

your Department for the Environment, but a park that… that’s kind of the day job which pays the bills.

Most of the photography stuff progressing and building and I’m taking more contracts. And hey, you

never know where it’s going to end up. I enjoy them both. I enjoy my photography business.

Host 2: good deal. So being a massive fan of google plus and an extremely active “plusser”, I need to tell

you about a community that I’m part of.

Chris: Sure.

Host 2: Professional photographers on there, a lot of armature photographer lovers like myself on there

as well. It’s called “Weekly Photo Challenge”. It’s a community, “Weekly Photo Challenge”. Hae you

heard of it yet?

Chris: It’s probably not one of the many that I’ve come across, but you know, plus me on there or

invite me or whatever you have to do. I’m still learning with google plus. I’m still trying to find out what

buttons you have to press where but I’m getting there, I’m getting there.


Host 2: Well then you need to join… anyway, I need to tell you first, I have a solution for you learning

your buttons thing. But, yeah, so the weekly photo challenge, every Sunday afternoon, they give a

challenge and we all have to you know, try and create a photo around that particular theme, whatever

that theme is. And it’s kind of fun. It just kind of pushes you. It makes you think and…a little differently,

look at things a little differently. You know last week it was people working. That was what the photo

was about.

Chris: Cool

Host 2: You know ,and so it’s a lot of fun. It certainly makes me think about the photograph that I do

Chris: That’s good

Host 2: And you may find that you enjoy it. As far as getting help with those do I use these

buttons…and that kind of thing, I wrote a weekly hang-out on air, self-promo here, called…

Chris: That’s what it’s all about!

Host 2: Pardon?

Chris: I said that’s what it’s all about! We’re all here for promotion.

Host 2: that’s right. It’s called the ABC’s of google plus. And I will go ahead and start inviting you to that

each week. Of course, with a hang-out, you don’t have to watch it live so if you’re schedule doesn’t

allow, you know, that’s fine. But it’s every Wednesday morning at nine-o’clock Mountain Standard Time.

So that’s like…let’s see…

Chris: That’s sometime in the afternoon over here, but yeah.

Host 2: Yeah, that’s going to be like four o’clock in the afternoon if I remember right. My brother lives in


Chris: Oh, ok.

Host 2: Yeah. So I think, yeah, I think its four o’clock in the afternoon. But you know, if you can join us,


Chris: Yeah, share me an invite and I’ll put it out to some of the UK guys that follow me.

Host 2: You bet, that’d be great. Alright, so, I guess…oh! (laughs) Ok, Kirk just signaled me from across

the room saying, “Just one second!” So, here he is. I’m going to give the camera back to Kirk and go back

to being producer.

Chris: Good talking to you, buddy.

Host 2: Alright, you too!


Kirk: Sorry about that Chris. We had a little, just a little fire we had to put out there for a second.

Chris: Oh! Yeah, that’s kind of an emergency when you’ve got all that wood in the background.

Kirk: Yeah! (laughs) Well, we’ve just…a lot of a water. We just…we just douse it every day…keep it wet.

You’re used to that over there, aren’t ’you though, in England?

Chris: What, fires? From the water!

Kirk: The water?

Chris: Man, we have got so much water at the moment it’s unbelievable. Half of the country is under


Kirk: That’s what I understand. So you know what I know about over there? I understand you guys don’t

tan over there, you just rust?

Chris: Oh yeah, that’s kind of true. I’m half Italian, so I kind of get a…in the sunlight I get a bit of color on


Kirk: Yeah, I can see that. Just, yeah you look…you’re as white as me, man.

Chris: That’s because I’ve got a bright white light giving me some…it’s a photographer thing.

Kirk: Ok, well, we tan here in the tanning beds so that we can look good on camera. You should try that.

I’m just, I’m kidding. I don’t do that.

Chris: You’re going to end up with funny white rims though, if you leave those glasses on.

Kirk: That’s right, that’s what happens. If I take these off…I ‘ve got these, I look like a raccoon.

Host 2: That’s why he wears glasses every week, or because he’s trying to sell glasses through his show.

(mumbled talking)

Chris: Those are lovely glasses, you’ve got to tell me what glasses they are.

Kirk: These happen to be Oakli glasses.

Chris: Oh, Ok.

Kirk: Yeah, they’re Oakli ones. They’re an old pair that I had that I actually use them for my safety

glasses. That’s why I put these clear lenses in them so that I can see…yeah they are great for safety

glasses because they’ve got those poly carbonate lenses you’re not supposed to have.


Chris: And have you tested them with a gun though? Because they are better….patrols with a shot gun.

Kirk: No, I haven’t done that. I don’t know how I would do that. Here, just shoot me right in the face!

Chris: Hey, you’re in America. You’ve got easy access to guns from what the media tell me.

Kirk: That’s right, we do. Yeah you can just get a gun anywhere. They’re just laying around in the streets

here in the United States.

Chris: That’s what the newspaper’s say over here.

Kirk: Yeah, you can just walk down the street and there’s guns lying around everywhere. You can just

pick them up.

Chris: Sure.

Kirk: Is that what the media tells you over there? Is that what you think? That we just have guns laying


Chris: That’s what the UK media tells us, that America’s got guns everywhere…It’s the same that you

think everywhere in England is called London, right?

Kirk: Yeah…no..

Chris: All the cities in England are all called London?

Kirk: Well, I’m your common wealth brother. See, I’m from Canada so I don’t believe that but maybe…


Kirk…I don’t know

Chris: Yeah

Kirk: I’m pretty aware of that since my brother, you know, actually does live in London. Then, you know,

I know how small London is, because he showed me when he doesn’t live in London. He just moved into

London about a year and a half ago. Prior to that, he lived in Stratford upon Avon.

Chris: Well that’s like forty minutes from where I live now.

Kirk: Oh is it?

Chris: Yeah, I live near Birmingham in the center of England.

Kirk: Ok, well, like Stratford upon Avon is just, I mean come on, it’s a suburb of London. Like, really? Back

in the day of you know, Shakespeare, that was , you know, four days journey. But, not so much today.

Chris: Well it’s about two hours on the train.

Kirk: You guys still have trains over there?


(Both laughing)

Chris: Yeah, yeah.

Kirk: I just didn’t… I’m sorry.



Kirk: That’s good. Hey, so I’ve got a question for you.

Chris: Sure

Kirk: Will you give us a couple of, you know, we’re all amateur photographers, everybody’s got an

iphone now days so everybody thinks they’re a photographer. But I would love a…can you give us a

tip, you know, something that we can do. Kevin gave us a tip last time about trying to keep all of the

subjects out of the center of the… See how I did that? See how I did that?

Chris: It’s beautiful. I knew you’d done that because of what Kevin said.

Kirk: yeah, I did. Just because of what Kevin said.

Chris: and next week, I’m going to see if you do what I say

Kirk: so yeah, give us a tip. By the way, you’re right in the middle of the image. There we go

(mumbles)…We’ll call it a Kevin shot from now on.

Chris: We’ll call it the Kevin shot… (mumbles) the other side.

Kirk: ok, now I’ve shifted to the other side so we can see…see there’s another option. Or we can have

this option here, you know, clear on this side.

Chris: Maybe, maybe what I’m about to tell you will make you choose whether you go left or right.

And I think you’re in the right correction. I have three rules for taking a photograph or three things to

remember, and they’re not in the order that most people would think.

Kirk: Ok.

Chris: It’s not the subject that is the most important thing when taking a beautiful photograph. I’m sorry.

The most important thing, number one, is the background.

Kirk: Number one is the background.

Chris: Number one is the background. You can take the most beautiful woman, but if the background

behind her is not interesting, if it’s a power station or something gray and ugly, the photo is not going to

look beautiful. So the first most important thing is consider the background.


Kirk: Ok.

Chris: Number two is the lighting. If I turn this light off, my face is now dark, too dark here, yeah?

Kirk: Now you look like the guy that’s on the cereal box—they’re looking for the most wanted.

Chris: Oh, ok. So I’m definitely going to turn the light back on. The second most important is lighting and

I’ll tell you why that’s important especially with iPhone cameras. Because if it is too dark, the camera

compensates by slowing the shutter speed. The shutter speed is where it goes “click click”. If it lets

too much light in or if it’s too slow to let light in, the subject blurs. Sometimes you want that, but not

usually. That’s why we use the flash. So backround one, lighting two. Number three, the subject, and it’s

in that order-always in that order. Get the background right. Get the lighting right. And then make sure

you have the perfect subject.

Kirk: Now if you do want, if you do want the subject to blur, you want to do that from a tripod and want

the subject moving. You do not want your background to blur or alternatively, still on a tripod, you

would be following your subject itself to blur the background really controlled.

Chris: Absolutely. It’s a wonderful technique and if you can master it and you master it well you will

take beautiful photos. If you check out my website,, look at something like

my event photography when I shot the tour of Italy cycle race that’s here, you will see some beautiful

panning photographs in there and it’s a beautiful technique. You hold the camera nice and steady,

hold the camera nice and steady, and follow the subject taking the photograph as you are moving.

It’s a technique called panning. Get it right and you can slow the shutter speed down and you’ll blur

the background. The most important thing we said, is the background. You blur it nicely you’ll take a

beautiful photograph.

Kirk: Very nice. Thank you for that information, that is really is good stuff.

Chris: Alright, but it’s three steps. Background, lighting, subject.

Kirk: I’m trying the blur the background, how am I doing?

Chris: It’s bluring beautiful. You need your subject to move at the same speed as the camera.

Kirk: Ok, go that way!

Chris: That way!

Kirk: Go this way!

Chris: See look! He’s in focus and the background is blurry. It’s perfect!

Kirk: That’s awesome!

Chris: You guys can have my job.

Kirk: That’s what I’m talking about.

Chris: If I can hold…hang on, hang on. I’ve got some prints here. Look. Look. Can you see that

photograph there?

Kirk: Yeah. Yes, that’s beautiful.

Chris: the subject is a great rider

called Tom Hale. He’s in focus and the background is blurred. Did you get it?

Kirk: Yeah, it’s beautiful.

Chris: Did you get it?


Kirk: Oh wait, I’ve got somebody calling in here. Let’s see. Hello, we’re online this is Kirk? Yeah we got it.

Yeah we’re on the show. Yeah.

Chris: And then this one…let’s see one…this is a different one because the background is still and the

subject is blurring to show that he’s moving.

Kirk: Oh, yeah…tilt that just a little. Tilt that one way or the other, you’re reflecting off the screen. There

you go, perfect! Yeah, that’s great. So it gives them a sense of movement there.

Chris: Absolutely. So there you go- panning. Maybe we’ll do a hang-out on how to pan.

Kirk: So, tell me some of the…

Host 2: Oh, let’s do a live hang-out on how to pan from like, the countryside

Chris: Let’s do it, I like it.

Kirk: Tell me, tell me some of the subjects you’ve taken photos of. You said you were on tour of Italy.

Have you taken some photos of some famous cyclist that we might know?

Chris: Yeah, I may have snuck into the photographers compound at the end of the stage last year and

got a wonderful, wonderful picture of Mark Cavendish

Kirk: Oh yeah!

Chris: (mumbles) the photographers with champagne

Kirk: How about, how about sending us a copy of that so we can hang it up in the shop and you can sign

it and everything.

Chris: I’ll tell you what. You choose any picture off my website, and I’ll make you a beautiful metallic

print of it and I’ll get it posted out to you.

Kirk: Oh, that’d be beautiful. I would love to hang that up in the shop here.

Chris: You tell me what picture you want and I’ll sort you some prints out.

Kirk: Ok, I’ll go look on your website and I’ll contact you. I appreciate that. Anything else you want to tell

us, Chris? Anything else going on?


Chris: No, no I’m just always on the lookout for new people to work with. I’d really like to work with

some bike runs I guess, so if you guys know of any bike runs out there that want a catalogue shoot, I’d

quite like to do that now.

Kirk: That’s good.

Chris: I’m happy to share my work with anybody so yeah, get in touch. Do you know the these guys? Can

you see that? Do you know these guys? Udderly smooth?


Kirk: I can’t see it. Hold on a minute. Hold on…it’s just delaying just a sec…here we go. Udderly smooth.


Kirk: That’s an udderly cool name, I’ve just got to say.

Chris: It’s seriously the coolest thing.

Kirk: Hold that back up just a second. Hold that back up. We’re going to get a photo of Udderly Smooth.

There you go. Ok.

Chris: Got it? Yeah, so I’m doing some product shoot for them. They do cycling cream, you know, for

kind of putting around your man-bits to stop them from chafing.


Kirk: That’s what you call it over there, is your man bits?

Chris: Hey, man, we live in England. We’re polite. (mumbling)

Kirk: It’s not your berries? It’s not your ball and stick?

Chris: You’re meat and two veg.

Kirk: I’m sorry, you’re meat and two veg. That’s too much of that.


Kirk: That’s too much of that. Oh man. You know what’s so funny is I, I grew up in Canada in that type of

humor enjoying watching things like…oh man, how come my brain shut off here…Benny Hill. That’s what

I’m trying..what I’m looking for. Thanks for that Randy. Benny Hill. I grew up watching that kind of stuff

and I absolutely love that kind of humor and last year I thought, well let’s play some of this for some of

our friends, we’ll get some Benny Hill videos, we’ll have a party. So we did that and you know what? I

was, those aren’t my friends anymore. They have shunned me. I am not allowed to go over…no they

don’t get it. I don’t understand. Why is that? Why don’t they get that?

Chris: I don’t know. We have some very typical British here.

Kirk: Yeah, you know, you do. It’s making some in-roads into America.

Chris: Good.

Kirk: Top gear, which, you know, has some tips towards British type humor.

Chris: Very much so.

Kirk: And Dr. Who is huge over here right now.

Chris: The new one? The new one?

Kirk: Yeah, and I mean, that might be a sci-fi, but hey, it’s like, you cannot take the British humor out of

anything British. I mean you guys, you guys do a drama and it’s going to have some dry humor in it.

Chris: Yeah.

Kirk: It’s who you are.

Chris: We’re a funny bunch.


Kirk: You are! Really, it’s true. That’s good. That’s good stuff. Ok, so now that we’re on that subject.

What’s one, give me one stereo-type of the U.S. that you guys have over there.

Chris: Oh, now you’ve got me….


Chris: The guns on the street. The fact that you all love Justin Beiber. How can this…no I can’t say that, I

can’t say that. No. I don’t know.

Host 2: We do! I love Justin Beiber!

Kirk: Oh man, you didn’t just say that.

Host 2: I’m kidding!

Kirk: There are people out there that just heard that. You just said that. Oh man.

Chris: I don’t know. I said to you earlier. I don’t really buy into the celebrity thing. I think I buy into the

countryside more. I think of…when I think of Utah, I see Utah I think of that film where that guy got his

hand cut off in the rock…and he had to cut his hand off? Because that was in Utah somewhere, right?

And I see that scenery and I think man I want to go there and I want to ride bikes there.

Kirk: Oh yeah.

Chris: That’s kind of what I think of when I think of you guys when I think of you guys

Kirk: Hey Chris, you come down here we will take you down here. I will take you to places you think are

on the moon or on mars. You won’t even believe it, it’s so cool.

Chris: I’m thinking of coming out to San Fran at some point this year and I understand it’s on a day

drive down to you guys and if Kevin is watching this or if you see Kevin you tell him to check his emails

because I emailed him in the week and he didn’t get back to me. We can shoot and ride and stuff.

Kirk: oh, you guys come down. I will take you to places you won’t even believe .It’s so cool down here.

And the thing is, if you’re going to San Fran, you can fly over here for like, eighty bucks.

Chris: Hey man…and…you just broke up…I missed after “San Fran”.

Kirk: If you go to San Fran, you can fly into Salt Lake for about…depending on the time of year anywhere

from sixty to ninety dollars each way.


Chris: Yeah, we’re going to do it. We’re going to do it.

Kirk: I mean, it would be ridiculous to drive it. It is so cheap to fly. Why drive? And it’s like what…forty

five minutes or an hour flight? It’s nothing. And then we’ll just take the van and we’ll drive down to

Moab and we’ll take a bunch of bikes down there and you’ll have the time of your life. You won’t even



Chris: I can’t fist-bump you but I can kind of pretend to. We’re going to do that, maybe September.

Kirk: Yeah, that’s a good time of year to do that, because it’s not too hot. Moab in July and August one

hundred and twenty.

Chris: Whoa!

Kirk: yeah. You might die! You might die in September when the temperature is one hundred

Chris: Sure, sure. Look…let’s do this in September. Which bikes do you use in the shop? Who do

you…who do you supply?

Kirk: Down there? We would probably take some Da Vinci’s down there.

Chris: Da Vinci bikes?

Kirk: Some La Piers? Or we would take some Rawley’s down there either way.

Chris: Well then let’s get in touch with them. Tell them we’re going to do a shoot or something.

Kirk: Yeah, yeah I’m all about that. We can probably make that all work. That would be absolutely

amazing. Get both of you guys down there and take some photos. Get us on some bikes and do some

crazy stuff down there. You’d love that.


Kirk: And you know what? I can guarantee that it’s not going to rain down there while you’re here. I can

guarantee that.

Chris: …If you can guarantee any place on earth that isn’t raining right now I’m going. I’m there.

Kirk: I can guarantee that while we’re there, it’s not going to rain.

Chris: Awesome (mumbles)

Kirk: You know, I understand that it rains twice a year over there?

Chris: Where? In England?

Kirk: Yeah. Yeah, once for six months and once for nine months. Isn’t that right?

(Both laughing)

Chris: Man, you are so near the truth right now, it’s unbelievable.


Kirk: I know, it’s crazy. I’m sure you’ve got..I’ve seen the stuff. You guys are under water unfortunately.

Host 2: Kirk and I are actually both from Van Couver and my brother tells me that there’s actually more

rain in London than there was back in Van Couver and Van Couver is one of the rainiest places in North

America. Right?

Kirk: Yeah. Yeah.

Host 2: Seattle is slighty rainer than Van Couver. Just slightly.

Chris: We’ve had so much at the moment. You know, it rains a lot in England anyway, but it’s not

normally too bad. But at the moment, wow, it’s like nine days straight, one day off, nine days straight,

one day off- crazy.

Kirk: Yeah. Yeah. You’re not building an ark or anything over there, are you?

Chris: I’m ok where I am. I kind of live on a hill so it’s kind of ok where I am. The town three or four miles

over, the river is flowing into the town already. It’s crazy.

Kirk: Oh boy. Well, I hope you survive that, and if you do, let’s plan on that in September. I can make

that happen. So, if you want to come over, we’ll make that work. I’ll see if I can get these bike brands

online and see what they want to do. I hope they want to play ball with us. If they do, we’ll get that up.

We’ll have that happen.

Chris: Ok, I want to have a word with a couple of mags over here that I’m shooting for and see if they

want some stuff so, we can sort this out. It will be good.

Kirk: That would be fabulous. I’d love to see that. Good times!


Kirk: Thank you so much for coming on. We really appreciate you coming on and good chatting with you.

That was a good chat.

Chris: Send me a link with the photo and I’ll sort one out for you.

Kirk: Ok, you got it. I appreciate it. I’ll send you the link for the embed code as well, you can pop this on

your own website.

Chris: Yeah, yeah, and tell me about the community and maybe we can sort some prints out for them as


Kirk: Ok, good deal.

Chris: Awesome.

Kirk: Alright, cheerio. Thanks again for coming. Ringing out from Jerks Corner. Bye bye now.


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